When the phone out into “grenade”, 360 wants us to do so

yesterday, hunting cloud network editor you took part in a standard “type 360 conference” (communication). The leading role of the meeting is called a “360” safe replacement of new features. Say simply, the function is to provide mobile phone users will need to replace of quick data import, and thoroughly remove the original mobile phone user data.

“it is a very serious safety problem, even we all feel shocked”

this is not laugh at 360, “surprise”, because the problem is certainly worth attention. As intelligent equipment upgrading, every 18 months on average people will change a cell phone. To eliminate the old mobile phone, we will do? Whether it is in the corner of the drawer, give/sell to others, or directly into the trash can (interestingly, the study found that most do not), in a simple “replacement” behind, are hidden a unknown grey trading chains.

it was not long ago, CCTV and other media exposure some criminals were selling so-called “mobile phone” data recovery software, prices ranging from 10 to 40 yuan. Eliminated by the user by recycling the old mobile phone, the organization’s human, a handful of manual mill in only two or three hours, can be removed in original mobile phone data recovery back. Including user stored in the mobile phone is original photos, contacts, and other important information.

it must be made clear that, even if your phone has “appearance”, these criminals can “catch” your phone original data!

how much of a problem, 360 adopted a consistent like “data + inference”, explains for you. It is understood that the Android mobile phone market in our country ownership of about 580 million units, according to update a mobile phone for 18 months, about 40% this year, which is about 2.2-230 million Android phones need to be replaced. And according to the survey, 50% of users in the treatment of the old phone will take the way of recovery factory, to protect their privacy. This is not the only by manually delete the data security of user data.

when your important user data (such as id card, bank card number) misfortune happened to be stored in the mobile phone, criminals with only this information, it may report the loss of your bank card, brush or even steal your account, and so on. What’s more, it is said that now this “replacement” behind the gray trading chain has been formed, a lot of people with ulterior motives are buying users to abandon the old cell phone around, trying to a low price for the user’s “sensitive data.

360 provides you with the most simple and safe solution

360 security replacement is actually attached to a new function of 360 mobile phone assistant. For such a profile in comparable “Swiss army knife” of products, a new feature to add have already is not new. Hunting cloud network not to “360” safe replacement of the new function of advertising, but this product really has two bright spots worth seeing.

in the first place, in the “replacement”, this feature allows users to different orders, the old phone contacts, photos, files, data import, such as new mobile phone. It’s not magic, the key is that it is Wi – Direct technique. This theory is a bit similar to the bluetooth transmission technology, two cell phones for point-to-point data exchange equipment and equipment. With the current popular cloud backup tool is different, use this function for data transmission, data don’t have to upload to the cloud server, to avoid the possibility of some big companies access to user data. , of course, 360 he says they also have no way to retrieve the user data in this way.

second, is the service also has the function of crush “file”. Using PC 360 product user should not unfamiliar to this function, its main purpose is to make all data of the old cell phone cover, so that you can guarantee the original data on the maximum of erasure.

we function is not perfect, “threat” users must not use

perhaps to generic security concepts to their own “white”, always don’t forget to tip us these 360 every conference attendees: “360 the purpose of this conference is to alert users to security risks, hope the media friends can share these important information to more users. Our products are not completed, the user can choose other ways to solve this problem.”

360, as a new function replacement, there are some defects, such as between different mobile operating systems do not support data import. In addition, the 360 is also true that provides an alternative, such as violence damaged cell phone (360 said, of course, most people are reluctant to do so). Again, for example, mobile phones in recovery after leaving the factory, the user can through the water in the old phones fill a lot of useless files, to cover the original data in the end. Obviously, this approach requires a lot of time, same as the first solution don’t hire people.

see, this is the smart 360!