Which to work, IT recruitment, want to play is play

recently, the focus for the production of businesses and non-profit organizations within five minutes of the documentary style record studio which to work for team took a set of video. founder Han Bing on his weibo placed at the top. It seems that he liked the entrepreneurial life .

this guy from the second day will start a business, from social networks to today’s recruitment platform, seem to have been tireless in moving forward. He said to the lens in the video, life in recent years, he likes nature, nervous and busy is now want to state .

from December 12 years until now, which to work from two or three people to the team now, has been a work in progress. But it seems to grow up together with them in some other recruitment website development more quickly. When I throw out this problem, still hope Han Bing can give me an answer. why in IT for the community, which work without breaking. The industry has been enterprises emergence, don’t they worry ?

I think his answer will hesitate for a moment, I didn’t think it is his easy , we are also aware of the problem, but we will always be their, has its own rhythm, have their own ideas. Don’t think we development is not good, but the development of our great , real programmers recruitment, our quality is very high. Do product is attitude problem, and the promotion is a question of money. We didn’t go to deliberately promotion, yet the rhythm is very important. But the product polishing is also important. A current promotion, just rely on word of mouth .

it seems they have a lot of confidence, I added a question last, pull hook recruiting, push the nets, as well as the professional community and the vertical media are eroding the industry of science and technology. I asked Han Bing, now if there is a sense of crisis ?

he said to me: in fact they do the industry at the beginning, the people around you don’t look good, but good things are worth to do instead. no reference before, do product also is in grope. Now see what work is developed along the way. We have the technical strength, the product is behind a set of algorithms , this we also have been developing in the optimization. The industry today, there are a lot of companies are doing is actually a good thing. everybody is doing, never fully prove this market, promising. Market is open, mutual competitive products, I will be more better .

is recruiting talented? Whether the ground is important .

this is I asked another question, because in my subjective opinion, positioning for the IT industry to pull hook at the same time, they develop very quickly, because their ground, near the users, have been innovation, on the contrary make them running speed for a period of time. In recruitment is grounded in my eyes air, high above the enterprise’s future . When I throw out this problem, I hope to give me a Han Bing his views about this industry.

he told me that an industry situation, see you how to locate, actually which work positioning and other competitive companies. Which work more talent is looking for a good programmer and the Internet, through their work series “silicon valley” can see . They want to do is to the best talent, “(money) way before” . The most important point is that what do I get job seekers in your platform, so more effort should be put on the product, make recommendation algorithm, do a good job in recruiting data. But at the same time, ground is also very important, and the subsequent promotion, in the future will do more to try, but not, markets have already walk more, which work to do something different.

at the moment, the recruitment industry is now more and more segmentation, combined with the mobile Internet is developing rapidly, which work also introduced a mobile terminal, the main: concise, accurate. In Han Bing terms is: which interface interaction of outstanding work, easy to use actual; Will move to the other recruitment pattern send to perfection, the user can resume cloud storage, see good job information at any time can apply for the . (currently only IOS side, AnZhuoDuan out next)

end actually I also don’t want to good summary, recruiting industry competitors, which has a good point is that to work, the they know their own pace. Play is play. Future competition is not conclusive. Giant hasn’t appeared, all still remains to be seen .

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