Who also unreliable, want to live have to depend on oneself! Nvidia push independent brand tablet

with the strengths of design graphics and mobile processors nvidia, a bold attempt, began last year released Android shields portable game consoles. This is the first time the nvidia not only in charge of the whole equipment accessories. From January announcement to July product release the evolution process of design, witnessed one of the major changes in the product. Now, after one year shields successor – nvidia shields tablets.

the global certification BBS (GCF) verify its wireless connection performance in a recent post revealed the name of the product. In the related posts, GCF described the nvidia new products as “notebook tablet”, indicates that it will be in the form of a hybrid or convertible. In view of the fact that nvidia has put a lot of time and effort to expand the game can be compatible with the original shields handle Android game library, arguably the product will also be performed very well in the game.

earlier prompted speculation on the shields tablet from nvidia submitted a report to the FCC, and description of the product name on the nvidia website. Despite all the specification are not available yet, but obviously prototypes K1 is driving the equipment of the chip. The recent for nvidia 7.9 inch tablet benchmark results also provided more indirect evidence. We get the public data shows that the device carry 2048 x 1536 resolution screens, Android 4.4 KitKat, 2 GB RAM, four nuclear K1 processor.

shields the recommended specifications and recently released tablet of millet tablet (it also has a 7.9 -inch screen size, same high resolution, and equipped with K1) convergence. Also configured with the same as apple mini of the specifications of the retina display, makes the nvidia new products face fierce competition.