Who will succeed Mr. Son? You don’t understand “softbank business school”

as early as in 2010, Japan’s SoftBank chief executive masayoshi son, SoftBank has announced the establishment of college (SoftBank Academia), hope to be able to create masayoshi son, 2.0 for SoftBank transition and development in the future to lay the good foundation.

it is a bit like softbank’s college is a “school” for the center with masayoshi son, softbank students in a month in Tokyo headquarters to gather once or twice a day, for commercial subject board game, complete planning advice, 5 minutes long and accept mutual. Win the outstanding students have the opportunity to meet with masayoshi son, cadets and lost the game will be forced to quit. The whole operation mode looks and American workplace reality show “the apprentice” similar. , masayoshi son, which is believed to have excellent project invested, the students discuss the mobile operators deal with softbank’s purchase behavior. Though softbank’s human resources director, says the students discuss the plan was not put into practice, but it is mainly used for internal communication each other, promote the staff’s work enthusiasm.

At the beginning of the

softbank college set up, a total of 4000 people sign up, finally received only in about 300 people – even the number of college than Princeton or enrolled at the university of Tokyo ratio is more demanding. After entering college, is not smooth sailing. The bottom 20% poor performance will be stop, to make room for new students. Softbank, the students of the college age generally in about 20 to 45 years old, have passed the human resources department assessment, assessment content, articles, including resume twice the length of 5 minutes.


the current college students including senior staff within the company, including company successful entrepreneurs, good students or will be employed by softbank, or will receive from softbank investment, what is more, may also be drafted by Mr. Son, as Japan’s softbank’s future successor, want to know the successor is worth at least $100 million.

of course, the successor to the target is a bit big, but the institute of softbank softbank indeed can develop quite a number of right-hand man, especially in the low school MBA types of Japan, softbank’s “business” posture and that kind of foot, at the request of the son, and all employees must be able to fluently in English conversation, communication for overseas projects. However, up to seven hours without rest business board games, and to take care of the son of the schedule of the schedule, is also the difference of softbank with general business.

softbank activities of the college is generally not made public, have students said, “people are speculated that perhaps masayoshi son consider is, could the students have not yet good enough to become a successor, but enough to lead a branch office.”

softbank is Japan’s third largest Mobile operator, last year bought the Sprint in the United States, consider buying t-mobile again this year, holds shares more than 30%, in the place such as Supercell, Gungho Mobile gaming company also has a stake. Softbank is expected before the end of 2040 will be the size of the business empire from the current 900 companies to expand to 5000. Whether from softbank is the resistance in the takeover of t-mobile, or from its focus on the future of the grand plan, has not yet been determined successor to this, how much for the future development of softbank added some unstable factors. It is conceivable that plan until recent son very need to find a suitable successor.

Source: Ruters