Why do German type innovation is more effective than American innovation?

cloud network hunting note: Germany is not only on the most fundamental technical innovation do much better. And, more importantly, Germany more adept at applying technical innovation in industrial areas and gradually developed in the field of business, and create employment opportunities, promote economic growth. When people talk who can stand in the era of the United States and China top, Germany has a commanding lead in the innovation into productivity.

Germany in energy systems, molecular biology, laser science, software engineering experiment and so broad areas to realize the more rapid development. In order to learn how to efficient innovation, Germany is one of America’s efforts to encourage German fraunhofer institute, a think-tank applied science in the United States institute of not less than 7 is established.

have to say, the United States really did a good job in terms of technological inventions. America has the world’s most sophisticated technical innovation incentive system, and so rewarding. China is also in the network application, e-commerce is ahead. But Germany is not only in the most fundamental technical innovation on doing better. And, more importantly, Germany more adept at applying technical innovation in industrial areas and gradually developed in the field of business, and create employment opportunities, promote economic growth. Many German technology innovation is through to the traditional products and the production process into a brand new way of thinking and functional, or through the traditional, sluggish development of industry and the booming emerging industries and fusion of manner.

, by contrast, American manufacturing for the middle class are fewer and fewer jobs. In 2010, fewer than 11% of the workforce is engaged in the manufacturing industry, and manufacturing industry’s contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP) accounts for only 13%. What’s worse, the growing inequality between the industry development, and the distribution of wealth of society is becoming more and more unbalanced.

development is different, the main influencing factors are the following three points: first, the German deeply understand, sense of innovation is to promote the productivity of large-scale promotion, not just content to lead a new and high technology itself. Therefore, Germany not only to develop new business, at the same time is committed to the new ideas and technology into the traditional industries. For example, look at the development of the BMW how much depends on the innovation of information technology, and how many top software development engineer at mercedes-benz company.

the United States on the contrary, let the traditional industrial decline gradually, instead of using the technology innovation update of industry. Therefore, the United States is not healthy is the core industry of cohesion, only isolated technology. American computer science doctoral student never consider working for the automotive industry, and even other related to the manufacturing industry.

second, Germany has extensive research institutes overlay network, help enterprises to better fusion of new ideas and to modify and improve on this basis. In other words, they just stop at the technical achievements. Fraunhofer institute the help of the government, with a new way to bringing new ideas to market. They help small and medium-sized enterprises in daily production and business operation innovation, make scientific research and practical gap narrowed, their services has covered all of German industry.

the bell LABS did this work in the communications industry, but in terms of scale is far from being equal of lown hoff institute.

third, in order to let employees can widely and creative use of advanced technology production and customer is willing to high consumption of products and services, German companies insist on staff training. This is my kitchen and garage was such as miele, Bosch, Germany brand products, such as BMW, audi fill one of the most important reason.

Germany actively coordinate with the above three factors, and create a virtuous cycle between them. As a result, Germany in order to improve skills, promote production efficiency and innovation; And technology from the United States attention but lower employment, even ignoring the market to job seekers. German technology innovation as the workers of different education background provides a stable good job; Us to provide a good working area is limited to the amazon operations center and apple store.

in the two countries of different again to remind us that economic growth is not completed in technological inventions can achieve, when only aiming to establish a virtuous cycle of innovation mechanism can effectively promote economic growth, enhance citizens’ welfare.

(this article source: eleven of finance and economics)