Why do the meizu than but millet

on August 18, hunting cloud network (text/fore rubbing at editor/water Yan)

the meizu, may see from the name, the company is hoping to make attractive products. What is charm? In the smartphone market, the first point is to design good, the second is to have high cost performance. The first point the meizu are doing very nice, good appearance design, hardware can also be one of the best in the country. However, due to various reasons the meizu cannot do like millet cost-effective, this let the charm of meizu is as big as I thought.


at the end of 2002, imp3 flash suddenly appeared on the BBS published an ID “omnipotent” posts, introduces a way of brand product, meizu. After, meizu introduced several classic MP3 player products, because of good quality and design, workmanship is not famous. From cheap, to become the first brand in the field of domestic MP3 player, meizu took only three years time.

the meizu’s early success thanks to his general manager jack, he is almost in the jobs that the pursuit of perfect, let the meizu products has become a classic, this mode of the ultimate pursuit of products also let the meizu won a high reputation in the country. It was jack keen judgment of the market, let the meizu down the route of smartphones in 2008.

the meizu began in 2008 will be full of energy into smartphones, committed to the development of high-end smartphones. According to the common sense, meizu constant working attitude and good product should have been like at the beginning of MP3 domain, let it in the field of Chinese smart phone call wind call rain. However, due to various reasons, the though has been steadily growing, did not expect, like all like millet for progresses by leaps and bounds.

but was born in 2010, millet mobile phone, but because of high marketing ability to create a user perceived performance, to grow by leaps and became a myth. According to the cry of wong tai sin, it actually belongs to meizu, originally only Michael lied to his feelings.

investigate its reason, cloud network home page you think hunting is the following:

first, product positioning.

the meizu positioned to seiko manufacturing, unique.

yes, fire makes sweet malt. Seiko design, seiko manufacturing, the pursuit of unique, to attract users through the pursuit of perfection, this is really a good way, just like Steve jobs of apple mobile phone.

just theory of M8, M9, meizu MX, MX2, MX3 series mobile phone, the design of each model can reflect the jack in the pursuit of perfect, recognized is much better than the millet mobile phone hardware. But even price 500 yuan, meizu phone has been sold but millet.

on the other hand, seiko makes the cost control of the design and manufacture ability weaker, plus the main offline store sales model, has formed a certain price difference. Especially the meizu chose the same 2000 market with millet, for 2000 yuan price of user – those who focused more on price bargain rather than pursue perfect, is absolutely can’t accept this extra 500 price.

for most of 2000 users, compared with the millet, the same phone, why want to waste more themselves already strapped with the cost of living? phone generation so fast. In just two years! , after all, the mainstream of the market price or a pragmatist.

on the other hand the meizu mobile phones still far less than apple good perfect hardware and software of ecological and high-end brand image, in this way, product positioning was discovered embarrassment – products more and more concentrated and his fans group, the target market is becoming more and more small.

second, business strategy.

the meizu has been practiced is the real word of mouth marketing, intention to create a really close to the user, the user intimacy statements of brand image, so has been to the “brand marketing” this way of playing “virtual” with severe rejection.

as early as the meizu do MP3 players, calls for fewer but better strategy, launched several products are almost without any advertising, makes the meizu sensation in China.

after eating to the sweetener, natural in 2006 to do smart phones, still go the “Bohemian” low-key high-end route. In the wake of the financial crisis on the booming smartphone market, the business strategy is not a few, but more for the less well-known domestic brands. This kind of business strategy is particularly unusual, but the market has changed, “the number of meizu disciplined by others at the beginning of the market level.

yes, compared to other domestic name-brand computer, meizu is much better, but the in the electrical business booming, the new market environment, the meizu did not adapt to The Times change in time, the distributors of the restrictions, not instant according to market feedback, the meizu propaganda theme not coherent together, foil each other, it is difficult to let users to remember, to form a strong ability to guide.

compared with millet pure online sales model, for a variety of network media marketing strategy G point of accurate control, make their own rapid feedback of the market, product strategy, promotion strategy coherent, each time at a higher price for critical points, use youth peer, by snapping up way, and the ubiquity of cattle, hold a large number of the user’s eye, the ratio of released their dream “when cattle and earn big money” , guides the effect is quite obvious.

this is the business strategy, let millet with meizu twice won a landslide victory on the price.

in fact, at present the meizu excellent hardware design and manufacturing capabilities, plus flyme unique software operating experience, a good brand reputation, if you can take out more advantage, differentiated products, adjusting and optimizing its own market operation mechanism make them more sensitive and feedback of the smartphone market in China better position is not easy.

now coming from multiple versions of the MX4 flagship, let us see the hope of meizu.