Why eBay to share valuable users search data with Chinese manufacturers?

nostalgic time machine

the rapid development of Internet, e-commerce platform is also rapid development in recent years, taobao, jingdong, amazon, etc., the electricity has infiltrated our lives. Adhere to the entity shop, to try and curtilage at home online talent is not in the minority. Have to say, online shopping is more convenient experience, and the choice of more abundant. Online shopping platform is of all kinds and. So many shops, sellers, manufacturers, you can always find the product you want.

for the B2C or C2C e-commerce platform, people usually give a nickname or two. For example, many people would use to describe the “almighty taobao” taobao mall in this can find cheap baby, for example, many people also use “time machine” to describe can easily find the old things on eBay.

maybe in many people’s eyes, is a professional version of taobao, eBay besides on degrees may be a little higher, no difference. However, when you want to find some of the nineties of the old things, eBay is definitely can help you to open a nostalgic trip time machine – shut down shortly after its launch in 93 out of print crystal coke (), or in the late 80 s to the children’s pocket cassette player, or in the “unbiased fashion” as the slogan, against black teenagers clothing brand promotion, these things are shut down in the 90 s, find on eBay. It is through eBay this wonderful platform, as if you went back to the memory of that era. When the vague memory to the item bar on the old items, you will can’t help but sigh, the nostalgia of the miracle of a time machine. , of course, nostalgic methods varied, on YouTube, gum advertising as a child is clever and melody and old TV show opening can pass the video let you recall those days. Can but eBay is representational epic of the old things sent to the front of you, will touch the last chance before you honestly.

magic disclosure: data sharing

it seems to many people, eBay this “time machine” content also is almost everything. Since established in 1995, eBay’s online shopping platform grew, almost can find anything. Many believe that this is the Internet cast out by magic. In fact, eBay search data sharing, but also an important reason for the success of the magic.

responsible for eBay marketing business Devin Wenig, in an interview said that eBay users will be massive search records provided to manufacturers, and manufacturers are able to give feedback very quickly, production, and stores the user “beg and did not have to” product. Wenig said, “our cooperation manufacturer response very fast in China. At the same time, each year on eBay platform exported from China to Europe, the United States is a considerable volume of trading activity.”

so, you actually found on eBay Cross Colours is hat may not be real old things produced in 1989 is likely to be the newly created copies — of course, it and eBay against fake rule has a certain conflict. Have to say that recently there are more and more on the market the new system of antique goods, this is you can easily find the old things, miss the old days the real reason.

it can be said that the eBay and manufacturers share users’ search data also opens a new mode of electric business operations. China’s export manufacturers also with eBay as the platform, will target consumers to expand to the United States and other overseas markets, especially the clothes, jewelry, cell phone, jewelry, and computer and other electronic products. Last year, according to eBay China’s export manufacturers is on the platform for American exports most, the second is exported to UK, Australia, and Germany.

meanwhile, eBay were able to expand market in China, the military supplies and toys collecting goods are quite popular.

electricity development, seize the ancient cargo business

Wenig said that mobile technology in data analysis and promote each other, nearly two years of eBay global business development mode change than in the past 19 years. Now mentioned the data sharing is to promote the development of cross-border trade, in the emerging markets such as Russia, for example, eBay, has obtained the good development.

eBay spokesman, said the use of big data analysis of the various market popular commodity at the same time, eBay is also helping sellers cling to the development trend of mobile power, actively cooperate with the third party to optimize warehouse storage, logistics solutions, providing microcredit and so on.

demand for old items have been. EBay has done this kind of data sharing will further improve the targeted manufacturers products. Skinner auction Marie Keep said that manufacturers must Keep sensitive response to the market, at a profit opportunity. People in different places to find opportunities to profit, and profit of commonness will create new industries.

in the line of sight to antique goods is not only the eBay. Cross Colours is announced this year return to Renaissance fashion in the 90 s. As you can see, the nostalgia of “wind” is not small.

but with the development of the antique market, people in the online search the intent of an article is also becoming more and more diverse. A search on the eBay record, probably because this item to stay in an increasingly vague memories, traces in the life of too little, need to search for proof; May also be a consumer wants a true original products; Or, may also be want a looks familiar items for miss, is not the real thing, has been less concerned.

commodity value review

with the development of science and technology, and the development of e-commerce, shopping in the here and now has become a more and more easy. If like eBay to search the operation mode of the data sharing can be popularized, when manufacturers can generally based on search data to manufacture and supply of goods, the implementation of the mass consumer demand would be more easily.

however, at that time, the purchase of goods easily, will also be reviewing. Attention, perhaps is no longer just focus on the use value. A commodity is original authentic or replicas, can bring much satisfaction after purchase, material how, how to work, is meditation make by hand or machine batch production? This a series of factors is to evaluate the value of the parameter. When shopping, as it were, more convenient easy, people consider the dimension is also increasingly diverse. A commodity, its value, also is no longer simply by price, or wide use value to intuitive definition.