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Tips on How to Prepare for the Escape Room Game.

You should do whatever you can do for you to the hint for the game. Everything you see in the room should be turned upside down since some of the items contains the tips of how to escape from that room. You should keep on looking further by disrupting the organization of the items in that room until you get the exit plan from the room. You should search the drawers and open them to look even under them if at all there are any. If there are books then they might contain the tips, therefore, check them. Anything can have a clue for escaping from that room. Therefore, never despise something because it is small, it might be your ticket to the next room.

The group should work together. Some of the members should be dealing with trying to solve the puzzles while the other members should be looking for the hints and the clues. It will be faster to escape from that room if you share the work such that some will be looking for clues while others are trying to solve the puzzle. Hence, if our team wants to win the game then dividing yourselves for different tasks will help to get the hints faster for you to escape from one room to another.

The team members should be communicating with each other for faster escape. If you get any hint, then you should inform your team members and if you think that you are almost to get the clue and solve the puzzle. It will be easy to solve the puzzle if the group members are communicating well and it will help them to move to the next one. The rate of the group winning the game will be increased since the time will be saved. Listening to each other is also a vital tool since every input might contain the escape plan hint.

You should make sure that if you have no clue you ask hints from your fellow members of the group. Winning of the game should happen by your squad. For that reason, you don’t have to waste time, and maybe you could help your members to win since if you get help with a clue.
Before the day of competition catches up with you, you should be practicing the escape room game. You will be familiar with the escape room game details when you keep on practicing the game, and it will help in learning the ways of getting clues of escaping from the rooms. Hence, your team will be likely to win the game during the competition.

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