Why old fox with cheng: after shelling ctrip ctrip invested in it?

a year ago today, with routine shelling ctrip monopoly network CEO tiger wu, a year after the ctrip invested with network. The plot ups and downs, this is how to return a responsibility?

We first review the


on April 19, 2013, hunting cloud network reported, with network CEO tiger wu cheng released a letter to home inns hotel partners, thank you letter first wu partners home support for many years, turn (shelled ctrip monopoly, forced home inns fan (at that time, home inns stopped and work with cheng network).

amid fierce tiger wu words: “in order to keep their monopoly position, pose no threat to any of his rivals, he didn’t think about how their progress faster, how to provide better service to customers, how to create value for the partners, but at the expense of partner interests, sign exclusive use of all relations, broken inventory.”

shelling ctrip why tiger wu, what is the background?

“big background is ctrip and where are locked in a Titanic. Because of where to change their business model, direct and advertisers to competition, elong and mango website has been terminated the cooperation and where to go, all want to and ctrip and where to get more in the game of interest, are in the game on the sidelines. At this time, with the net was cheng chose to stand and where to go, ctrip natural idea.”

a year later, ctrip at more than $200 million in cash investment with cheng, ctrip deals with routine will be second only to the second largest shareholder of the management team.

tiger wu yan excited hard, internal emails overnight notice: report to everyone a good news, the company to reach a concurrence of strategic partnership with ctrip, ctrip will turn attractions tickets now pay business connection with cheng, and with routine invest more than $200 million, to support with independent IPO. After completion of the investment, entrepreneurial team remains the largest shareholder status, the company will continue to independent development, to our goal quickly, and restart the IPO in two years.

Every shot told.

mouth gun, with cheng network is one of the “old fox” of online travel market.

is a bit messy, hunting cloud network under the small make up for everyone to comb, over the past year, how with cheng network in jagged online travel market competition under the curtain to come out?

1, the shelling ctrip last April, intriguingly, where CEO ZhuangChenChao support tiger wu, also say where will fully support the emerging OTA break monopoly OTA monopoly on hotel inventory. With the process toward where to put pressure on ctrip net.

small make up comment on: ctrip don’t let home inns and cooperate with the routine, the same routine to rivals, is the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

2, with net on tickets market segment, leisure travel market has always been very strong first-mover advantage, tickets for ctrip sends force fields late, but the most aggressive. In the second half of last year, ctrip announced strong into the ticket market, price wars launched high strength, impact is the largest with network.

small make up comment on: as the boss of ctrip see with routine so “hang on, just plan to kill directly with cheng net” nest “, ctrip mean, I’m broken, see you how to do it.

3, ctrip, despite having the status of industry leader, but competition in the market segment, ctrip is not necessarily an advantage. With routine see ctrip all-out offensive ticket market, but also lift force of the company, to accept a ticket war is the outcome of the battle with cheng net win. With routine is more dominant in the current pay business, rival network statistics show that in March with cheng scenic spot tickets now pay 56.7%, accounted for only 21.7% in advance; The ctrip now pay accounted for only 30.8%, 45.8% in advance. More important is: with cheng network has recently began laying vending machines in the scenic area.

small make up comment on: the elephant was beat fox, such a thing happened. After it, with net firmly on the layout of ctrip in nail a nail, ticket business, ctrip also do but with cheng.

4, in early April, elong and cooperation agreement with cheng network, according to the agreement, elong will be exclusive to provides the mainland China with the front desk is now pay for the hotel and group hotel inventory, and network will be the sole with routine is responsible for inventory for elong attractions tickets.

small make up comment on: work with cheng network and elong, elong enlarged broken ctrip’s market share, with the process continue to put pressure on ctrip net. Ten days later, ctrip announced investment $200 million with routine net, elong sedan chair of role play is very good, with cheng playing cat and mouse.

round-trip war background is bigger, ctrip is faced with many new generation company’s competition, although has not changed for ctrip’s market dominance, step by step, but niche markets are being eroded, ctrip has a lot of money, investment latecomers can safely to buy in the future. And ten years with routine web team combat ability really tough, the complexity of the game between the giants, found their own living space, become a business case worthy of learning.