Why reveal @ evleaks fact: no longer on Twitter is harder than begging to make money!

(translation: Sally editor: horse relief yi)

the last two years has been using Twitter unlisted products, major technology company under the global technology media attention behind the scenes of the @ evleaks traders Evan Blass, has announced his retirement on Twitter.

this is samsung, HTC, LG, companies such as Microsoft is definitely a big news, they all had been @ evleaks blew their product information.

Evan Blass in August 3, 2014 issued a twitter, writes, “in a good dispersed banquet will have one day. Thank you for two years, the wonderful time we spent together. “.

Blass ‘s leaks in almost every technology blog. Though not perfect, he can deserve the highest yield in “science and technology media source” the title. So, why did he suddenly stopped pushing number no longer report?

foreign science and technology media to interview Blass then, try to understand why he stop the fact, and then delivered to Evan email interview records.

Evan, you decided to stop fact surprised everybody by the move. Would you please tell me why you are to make such a decision?

it is very complex. But, as there is a lot of things, or related to money. Want to make Twitter means of making money is difficult. At first I tried sponsored by the month. After weekly. Later turned into a single tweet sponsorship model. In addition, I also try to accept donations, but always have a kind of online begging feeling.

I also created a web site, the site actually doing rather well, but because on Twitter revealed more, and few people will come to visit the website. And even if someone visit, these fans of science and technology also can be very skilled shielded ads. Finally my life becomes short, at the same time I also plagued by disease (Evan had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis). I have to make sure I can financially responsible for my future.

did you might change decided to come back again in the future continue to report?

it is almost impossible. Clean the retirement is not to say that I put the things ready to go to Florida on vacation. I now ready to start another profession, and the reason I’ve mentioned before.

in fact do you like most in the past two years, or what is the most proud moment? Why is that?

EB: my favorite is HTC M8 Prime fact. Although this kind of mobile phone is now out of sight. I think is 3 d rotation rendering technique is very beautiful, fascinating. Proudest moment, I think it was last year were rated on the list of “weird” 101, 101 “weird” refers to all the selection of the best online communications officers, journalists, writers, thinkers.

the past have directly affected by your disclosure of the company for you to make some positive response?

there are still a lot of. But as a whole or more voices of doubt.

can tell us all about why so many times that you can be so precise successfully to product broke?

good resources, good colleagues, full of ideas), and good luck.

now what do you have any other fact, may not have known you, but the future is likely to take your place?

the first thing that went through my mind was the TK O ‘across, he is TK Tech News. This cargo is Lord also of the explosive material. Others, of course, is also very good.

that now that you’re not going to continue to report, do you have any plans for the next?

EB: I think I should start to enjoy the smartphone. People often say that work must do you like to do things. But people do not know is that work hard sometimes will let originally like to disappear, that is a very helpless pain. I’d like to pick up the first time to use smart phones, portable computer joy and satisfaction, to rediscover can use messaging, voice message communication excited, start looking forward to the unknown and the infinite possibilities.

that you will continue to send Twitter and blogs? And all this still say goodbye?

about this problem, I can’t give you a definite reply now. But Twitter should I continue to use, as a private account, if people are interested in, still can focus on.