Why “Twitter will die theory” is nonsense!

as, a new round of singing ‘Twitter boom system. Wall Street just because of factors such as the so-called “user growth is slowing, speculation to conclude that Twitter is dying. But in my opinion, these are not really convincing arguments were poppycock.

this round of bearish on Twitter arguments mainly focus on the following two points: first, the number of active users of Twitter slowdown; Second, the Twitter time line views in the fall. Compared with the current rapid advances have Facebook, Twitter will never seem to go beyond Facebook. The investors who fell into a money-making was furious.

however, Wall Street has made a big mistake. Twitter is not equal to Facebook, not a lot of comparability between them. Used to measure social network data index to measure a social media, basically it doesn’t make any sense.

Facebook is a social network, its purpose is to attract more and more users into them, and let users to each other, between existing users and potential users to form a large number of social relations, chain. Mark’s goal is simple: to help people keep in touch with others on the Internet, eventually unicom throughout the world. Such an ideal means, user scale and the number of active users is the touchstone of judging its development status.

Twitter is a social media, or partial media attribute social platform. Since it is the media, it connects the ends of the reader is content publishers and information. A Twitter user may be numerous readers follow, but the preacher “information”, however, it is not necessary to make clear and “follow back” all these followers. If understand this point, we are clear about the nature of the different between Twitter and Facebook. Media properties make Twitter became the fastest transmission media in the world today, rather than compete directly with Facebook’s social network.

active number of users is only part estimates that Twitter, “information listeners” number one of the most simple and most general way. And the time line traffic does not represent the communication effect of Twitter. In many cases, Twitter information by various network reproduced, screenshots. This means that many have not yet registered Twitter account, and not the people using Twitter, also became the social media audiences. As MoPub full integration, will greatly enhance the profitability of the Twitter’s, a lot of “non direct user” has become the Twitter advertisers to target users. In other words, the “listening” Twitter users directly, may be far more than those registered Twitter account users directly. Twitter using the direct users to earn more profit.

of course, this is not to say that the above two indicators for Twitter. I just wanted to say, can’t use social media metrics to anticipation Twitter’s death.

when I see Twitter more like youtube, I’m not surprised. Allow registered users to watch to the Twitter real-time information display page, insist on its own media properties. In the future we will hear all kinds of users on Twitter growth problem, but Twitter can never die.