Will issue the world’s first round shells electronic smart watches, WeChat has adapted

on June 12, nut shell electron announced the nut smart watches the second generation GEAK Watch will officially released on June 20th. Then in the shells of electronic official weibo today, its fruit shell smart watches the second generation GEAK Watch WeChat UI design and GIF interactive demo figure.

from the point of design demonstration, round face, small and pure and fresh the UI or a bright, it is to rob before moto360, first introduced the rhythm of the circular smart watches!

the second is the adaptation of circular WeChat design of the interface, from the point of rendering design is indeed very beautiful, but smart watches to send information, the user experience are in good condition, still in doubt. After all the watch screen space is too small, how to solve the problem of information input, challenge is very big.

other from flow can also be seen in the picture, nut shell electron for circular dial on the operating system, the UI and interactive optimization work is very much, and also more prominent on the function relative to the advantage of smart phones, intelligent equipment control and setting up the center + smart reminder function’s main selling point.

shells can handle good circular dial?

at present, in addition to circular dial, Watch the second generation shells intelligence GEAK Watch other details including the hardware specifications, features, pricing, and so on has not yet been published.

about circular dial, at present most readers through the news know, moto and samsung are actively research and development of related technologies, and past we see all kinds of led screen display device is square.

after using circular screen, the first problem is the screen manufacturing technology, however, even if made after the next screen and related data interface, algorithm processing, various screen render data matching. And it is not you imagine the prototype directly to the screen pack can be so simple.

with fruit shell technology can optimize to what degree? Bring us what kind of experience? It still need the product, to do evaluation for everyone. however, nut shell electron this attempt is laudable. When it came out, is also considered a large iPhone, widely questioned, but in fact it became the apple a vital series.

to smart Watch the second generation of the Yu Guo shell GEAK Watch new try, maybe we should give more patience, such as product, to do judgment.

published in fruit shell of the Watch before the second generation, CEO of shells electronic techweb commitment, on June 20, appearance of fruit shell smart watches the second generation GEAK Watch absolutely can let a person shine at the moment. Time will arrive soon, let’s wait for the light.

p.s. : the nation’s largest search engine baidu first released the wearable device user demand research report shows, nut shell smart watches have occupied 7.4% market share, is the only domestic listed smart watch brand, as of now, the first generation of fruit shell smart watch has sold more than 500000 pieces.
fruit shell side, according to data released fruit shell is the first big domestic electronic smart apparel manufacturers, is the world’s seventh largest smart apparel manufacturers, in the field of smart watches, according to the volume and ranked fourth.