Windows 9 before the arrival, at least have a Windows 8.2

a few days ago, revealed a great god WZor said, Microsoft will be launched in August or September for Windows 8.1 second to upgrade. senior Microsoft “observers” Mary Jo Foley also agree with this view, but is pointed out that the name of the upgrade is uncertain, may also be known as the Windows 8.2.

many technology media that will be launched in 2015, Microsoft Windows 9 before, to launch a new system upgrade, but so far have not someone give details of this version upgrades. Hunting cloud network more publicly reported data summed up the following two points:

first, Windows 8.2 (for convenience, we are so called) will be on the “start” menu — launched in 2014 to redefine the build conference exposure by the “start” menu (see below);

second, after the official media reported the application of “Metro style floating on the surface of the table can be used as an independent window” will appear in the Windows 8.2.

if the above information accurately, it means that Microsoft will Update in Windows 8.1 is less than half a year, it launched a new version to upgrade. Given the previous Windows update frequency of 2.5 3 years, Microsoft will undoubtedly pushing updates faster.

more it is worth noting that analysts generally believe that Microsoft’s Windows in the future will continue for a minimum of one year update frequency and promote “small upgrade + version more iteration” strategy.