Windows XP just below 25% share, share Win 8.1 shrink for the first time

although ended three months ago, Microsoft’s support for XP, but the “old” system of the market share so far just below 25%. For Microsoft, in addition to this, there is a more bad news. That is, the only listed nine months of its latest operating system version, Win the market share accounted for the 8.1 fell for the first time.

according to the latest market share data of the Internet, Windows 8 and a total Win 8.1 system in June and July dropped by 0.06% (down from 12.54% to 12.54%). More it is worth noting that in Windows 8 fell 0.01% (down from 5.93% to 5.93%) at the same time, Win 8.1 has dropped by 0.05% (down from 6.61% to 6.61%). This means that “firefighters” Win 8.1 lower than unpopular Windows 8 more.

Windows 8 has such a fall is not surprising. In the last year the biggest gain of 2.01% in August, and the biggest drop of 0.87% in November, the market share of the Windows 8 will continue to fall. Although a lot of people are expected to Win 8.1 lose some market share, but the result is still all very surprised. Although it fall is just a drop in the bucket, but this is not a good one million for Microsoft head, especially Microsoft allows the user to free upgrade from Windows 8 to Win 8.1.

meanwhile, Win 7 system gained an additional 0.67% (from 50.55% to 51.22%). According to common sense, Windows 8 and Win a gain of 8.1 should be slightly better than Windows 7, but it was, by contrast, the case for a few months and the performance in the past three months is totally unable to match the new version of this identity. Microsoft is likely to be hard in the future one day users give up Win 7 for Windows 8 and Win 8.1, as now they treat Windows XP.

in earlier versions of Windows Vista won 0.10% of the increase (increased from 2.95% to 2.95%), and Windows XP dropped by 0.49% (down from 25.31% to 25.31%). Although finally fell to less than 25% market share, but the decline is not expected.

in 2013, in addition to the march and July and November, Microsoft every month after losing its market share. But so far, Microsoft’s market share only decrease in January and April, which won 0.15% of the growth in July (from 91.53% to 91.68%). Mac OS X dropped by 0.09% (6.64%), at the same time, the Linux system fell more than 0.06% (1.68%).