With me, simple rough edge of the economy

or hormone earn good money.

who is there to remember new friends network which products abroad? Comb, a well-known, recently in work “micro letter” affectionately, electricity head steward head tao tao, voice dating software to find to find, but to be honest, the concept of software are good, but is interest, stick to the user, I can’t see their ace in the hole!

not noticed a recent online product “with me”, the main stranger phone calls. If he does not know suddenly understand, refer to A $15 million round of funding “electric love artifact” neighbors.

with me sent lonely is a social product, the main function is a quick telephone chat with strangers, the more wonderful work place lies in, the woman can choose to call charging, you can set how much money per minute, with use of spare time, is the concept of “with me” chat while earning money.

for this product, put aside first reported the value of, talk about other things – the “hormone of the economy”. According to the recent media trend is that prick silk, gold, cobble together a beauty is the cornerstone of circulating hormones economy. Such as listed in the YY, listed 9158, counting money 6 rooms, quack, but there is another, guiyang lang ma information technology co, through their own communication value-added services “ma lang telephone mstching game system” made a nationwide telephone speech community. And then have to go to wipe in the mobile Internet or hormone economy, language development such as pills, oh lulu, application, etc. Although he is a listed company, with its back to the tree, he go home is more stable than others.

what a lonely person, no matter when. According to the human nature to go products, really worth studying. Actually you can see out, why want to bring new friends nets at the beginning, this also is inadvertently found a thing. When xiao yun for accompany me to the enterprise information, through a third party web site found that accompany me to find find the app domain and the domain name is run on a server. Found by looking for, find friends and find the original tao network out of a product. Products are run on a server, so bold inference, the company behind this product is for friends network.

so had at the beginning of the sentence, or hormone earn good money. Tao net friends did so many products, product affectionately recently hit the concept of working edition WeChat, then had to accompany me to the product, think they really grounding gas.

but that is just speculation, specific research xiao yun will contact as soon as possible to find friends network. (contact tao tao friends nets, they explained to accompany I don’t belong to the company, they belonged to another just move out of the company, but the server sharing this at present can’t explain, specific information or ask to accompany me)

but from experience, there are still a concern: since the call charging, will someone go to extremes, in order to attract paid, finally develop into more closely chats?

now, the fringes of the economy in the human eye or take them as entertainment, but in the eyes of the more extreme prick silk has a cause. Earn a quick buck, destined to no precipitation. Nearby users to escape, the next will be with me? But I still want to say a little, perhaps before fleeing, accompany I’ll fire up first.

with me


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