With Taiwan’s 4 g market, foxconn’s $390 million investment in the Asia Pacific telecom

, apple is the world’s largest industrial and commercial, foxconn group, paid $390 million for a few days ago, investment of Taiwan’s mobile Telecom operators “asia-pacific telecommunications” (Asia Pacific Telecom). Analysts said that this shows that the anxious to remove “behind, low-end” hat foxconn, has been focusing on the 4 g network industry is about to fly.

it is understood that the telecom will be in the form of equity transfer, with foxconn subsidiary countries acer electronics (Ambit Microsystems).

after the foxconn won Taiwan’s 4 g network operating license, the company said it will be later in the year to provide LTE communication services.

given apple consistently seek diversification of supply chain to and undertake OEM orders (part), foxconn is also actively seeking business diversification, get rid of the over-reliance on orders for apple. So far, foxconn has been in the server business, software research and development, the social networking site, LCD screen manufacturing, electronic accessories, etc.

not only that, as one of the largest 20 patent owners, foxconn has been far from a simple generation for industry and commerce.