With the new hardware version can produce the spark? No dead Angle of professional bask in cooking tools?

hunting cloud network on July 18,

everything early Internet has completed all of the daily life of people, but due to the limitations of the Internet, the experience of many application function is not good enough, popularity is not enough at all. The capital of the water began to flow to the O2O, the new hardware, expectation in these two areas to make up the disadvantages of the Internet, to subvert the whole market. After successful, especially in millet new hardware entrepreneurship and investment can say almost to the point of a kind of madness, very hot.

xiao yun to introduce today is such a culinary talent keep up with the trend of the new hardware.

cooking talent namely a tablet for kitchen use, compared with the ordinary tablets, more than a set of sound system for the kitchen cooking for entertainment; Standing type design can easily record your whole cooking process, and then share (this is the most important); Tilt the screen can be cooking, more convenient viewing diet tutorial. This is the product a few big characteristics.

for 80 are not good at cooking, living after the generation, one can provide intelligent teaching has its allure of kitchen equipment.

according to the culinary talent design is introduced, they think it takes to be like a sitting room the kitchen also an Internet portal, make the kitchen makes happy housewife cooking place, enjoy cooking, convenient shopping place, and have a social place in the kitchen. Based on the development of the culinary talent product.

the basic information of the first take a look at this product:

product name: cooking talent



CEO: lintong

website: www.netchef.com.cn

company: shenzhen Thurber digital technology co., LTD.

product configuration: 8 inches 1024 x768 resolution 4:3 IPS screen, 200 w single camera, wi-fi, bluetooth, and two large power amplifier speakerphone.

traditional enterprise the road to the rise of science and technology, technology, scale, the channel, to differentiate products

relative to other entrepreneurs “poor”, cooking talent or with considerable strength. Its developers, digital production research and development in the industry to recognize there are also a significant qualifications, digital photo frame from 06, 07 years when the fledgling used technical production ability, then to seize the opportunity, then, in the form of cooperation with foreign companies for technical market, into the European and American markets, products have entirely towards the export in 09.

for Europe and the United States launched the first generation of the market after the “cook’s got talent”, in the research and development of the first two generation of cooking talent, has not been too much focus on android emerged at that time, the smartphone hardware is still in the stage of primary piece together. Cooking talent product directly based on Linux and ARM chip research and development, it can also show people from the side on the technology of common power.

then smartphone fire broke out, the android, android’s software and hardware technology more mature, Thurber, of course, turned to the android do depth customization. So people not just because of the tablet market is too competitive, bad to do, used his quick wits to do so a differentiated product.

Thurber President lintong also gives the response: “it was a few years ago we haven’t appeared, smart phones, android are chosen according to our technical advantage of the blank market, has nothing to do with differentiation tablets, haven’t come out, even the iPhone is still in market expansion stage. Of course, we do has used the hardware system with tablets, enables us to develop better products faster. But there are pros and cons! Hardware system is the same, the product difference is not obvious, it becomes more and more many people feel tablet can achieve similar functionality, product publicity resistance is very big. Just launched when the user the feeling that kind of high-end technology products to the heart of basic was done not have.”

Mr Thurber President lintong

but now catch up with the tide of new hardware capital both at home and abroad, “talent” cooking skills can advance developed, xiao yun congratulation, rising day here!

hardware technology is the foundation, software, Internet ecosystem is to retain users, the rapid spread of the “channel”

for the mainland market, cooking talent such recreational life convenient, kitchen products with is is a niche market, completely is for the family rich, have higher request for the quality of life (convenient circle of friends, weibo) users. In intelligent equipment flying now, similar to “cook’s got talent” hardware solutions in huaqiang north had rotten street, from the perspective of hardware technology, not much high threshold, really can attract the user segments only software experience for technology and content of ecological resources.

but these are generally traditional hardware companies are not good at things, is the industry chain are used as hardware giants on other vendors provide packaging content resources. “Cooking talent” provide software function is the home of “talent” exclusive social sharing platform, docking micro letter community sharing platform, rich resources of online recipe and menu selection directly docking jingdong fresh supermarket orders, etc. Product function is complete, with only the specific detailed rules for the optimization of the user experience. Xiao yun is not yet fit physical products at present, not trespass.

good is the product of people in the smartphone has just appeared had begun to do! The software may not accumulate much, compared to the Internet giant will have a certain gap, but to be accumulated a lot of recipes content resource, people also set up a special team of more than 20 people, specially develop video tutorials, to complement their own content.

this aspect shows people on their content of the construction of the repository is very attentively, on the other hand also reflects the menu content resource is a less popular categories, need further development.

“cool” with his back leaning against a big tree, content resources such a mark for the products, because of its unique unrepeatable properties, its value is greater than even these quantifiable, subsequent complement technology hardware and software. According to another depending on content resources quickly, Letv shares soared more than all the way, we can see a thing or two.

but people did not intend to launch the IOS and android version of the app, to attract users to expand the influence, but choose to own all of the content of the product focus on the hardware “culinary talent”. In the “customer is king” “spread” of the Internet, which is obviously some not good, want to sell your hardware first, after all, the first step is to let the user know your product, and then simple experience as a user, the intention to clinch a deal finally!

software APP for the team for a new hardware enterprises, more like a novel, rapid and cheap dissemination of marketing channels, a channel limits, do not need to rely on others more free market operation mode.

in the future

questions about the future, Thurber President lintong interpretation is given: “the future will rely on the quality of the user, cooking skills into a fully functional platform for the professional diet life, with extremely characteristic, high consumption of users to develop a larger market.”

are ideal, ambitious, in this era of new hardware tide roll, a careful meticulous of hardware manufacturers still have a lot of industry chain and technical advantages, in the capital resources trading frequent Internet, as long as the embrace with open cooperation attitude, technology, resources and their own place. Hunting cloud network will keep continuous attention.