With TouchPico, any plane can be your mobile phone touch screen

today, from Singapore TouchJet company finally make interactive projector TouchPico IndieGogo. TouchPico early in January of this year, the international consumer electronics show will reveal a veil and function almost can rival a mid-range Android phones, along with a camera to capture the projection plane of a row – TouchPico basically can make any surface “avatar” for a large flat-panel displays.

when we last week within the company to try this projector, amazed by the response speed of it. Although must through the projector comes with stylus to be for the projection of the so-called “screen” for the most accurate, but it can click and slide operation to respond to the user, and switch between applications is not slow. Although carrying system is not the latest, its interface is loyal to the Android native system.

in addition to the trial research seriously, we also do not forget to “time” : to play its own game, go to “pipe” (that is, refers to the YouTube) look at the video, by the way, enjoy a few slides. Although the staff to create a dark environment to see the rise of scarlet ball: battle of the dawn of forecast are no gain is too good, but to play a “fruit ninja” or run a drawing application experience or they relax enough. However, compared to connect the computer and projector for powerpoint presentation of traditional practices, TouchPico reaction speed is slightly inferior.

words though, TouchPico is worth a try. It supports HDMI inputs, so the user can use it as a laptop, game consoles, and even mobile phone screen. May TouchPico for dark content display effect is not enough to let the user covet, but some colorful children’s application will let it shine.

at present, the projector on IndieGogo sells for $350 (then rose to $500), with the price close to the Mini. Most users may be more inclined to choose to spend the same price to buy a used function about tablets, still perhaps can have a better display effect; But for home users, rather than a flat wheel around to play or play multiplayer games on game consoles, around TouchPico lively high experience together will be more useful.

in addition, although we cannot be sure that is will be very frequent, but for those who often travel around in the speech, but don’t want everywhere in a single projection machine business, TouchPico may also be a good assistant.