Within five years, this is still a piece of blue ocean

according to the data provided by the market research firm Gartner, by the end of the year, this is expected to reach sales of 5.2 million units, up 79% from 2013. This increase is impressive, but the overall data still impressive enough.

at present, more and more manufacturers to launch this notebook. Acer recently launched the first paragraph with Nvidia prototypes this K1 the processor.

Chromebooks still get the favour of the education market. Gartner estimates that in 2013, nearly 85% of this sold to schools, 82% of this sales in North America.

in 2011, samsung and acer was among the first to launch this supplier, therefore, in 2013, the two companies are also masters of this market.

Gartner and IDC, a research firm also like forecast for the next few years, but their predictions are rarely accurate. For example, Gartner predicts that by 2017, this sales will grow nearly twice, 14.4 million units. In addition, the company also is expected to “over the next five years, this laptop will remain a niche market.”

apart from forecast sales figures for the next five years is how ridiculous, even claimed to have an operating system will be how to progress, is also a ridiculous move. We don’t know how much Google for Chrome OS. By 2015 Google might give it up completely, may take it as the core of computer strategy to continue to move forward. After all, Google has in the test run on this Android applications. The possibility of integration has many such depth.

Gartner also OEM provides some advice for this:

in order to gain more audiences, supplier need to provide better features, solution based on the use of cloud computing model, provide faster Internet connection, faster memory access speed, faster, more solid-state drives, as well as the education and business users to provide technical support, etc.

Durand said: “to make this more competitive, it is not just the price of hardware and problems, the most important features based on cloud computing architecture, to provide users with real convenience.”