Within the tao network, using network to do classification information on community?

online 38 days, included 78 companies, 219 registered members, 26 self-marketing good things, continue to refuel! This is an empty call beast to do within the Internet data, from the site went live for two months, called the beast is also prepared to do a little revision.

call beast do website in Internet, introduced is a word: a part only for company employees open communication community life. Dug up, life information and Shared with the user within the tao.

why do this, in a telephone interview, call beast to confess: life information websites such as 58, market, information is huge, but the quality information, don’t have time to spend a great effort to choose from. Corporate network communicate sometimes contain more information, but only for a network share, is not to maximize value, based on these two aspects, a hot forehead, (in fact is thoughtful) made within the tao.

what is on

at present, all join in tao company after artificial audit, children’s shoes must verify all join company mailbox. Similar to push the net actually, just push to do the recruitment, did life in the community to exchange information within the tao.

validation email purpose is to put an end to pure business, intermediary, cattle. Let the other children’s shoes to join to the community of trust. Easily build up trust easily broken by erratic information, so call beast also said that at present whether invited to register, or post, is to take slow, slow rhythm, make sure the atmosphere to form, remains the same, this is their main community atmosphere, will not change.


now, the Internet is more like a small and beautiful 58, community channel plate has a different life in classification, because just online, want to let every section is not likely. Idle second-hand, roommates to decorate, domestic service, etc. More information is not complete. But there is a plate, self-marketing are worth noting. The plates, called the beast said, is that they are trying to contact, one invitation for registration, children’s shoes to send some of your products quality, let you buy, and give them to the customer. For example you can buy here, anxi local home tea tieguanyin, linan pecan chicken blood, ganzhou in jiangxi sweet potatoes dry, and so on. Out of the plate, the effect is good, the future will also is within the tao. Call beast said, if you can, to the future of the service.

the future pattern

is this market is small and beautiful? Call beast said I wrong, actually the current classification information in the community, white-collar users accounted for a large proportion. Her rental market, move the market, domestic, and so on, are required for white-collar service. But given the current classification information website too pit, information accuracy, but based on artificial audit and network to register restrictions of community service, can avoid the information is not correct the biggest problem. Access of the Internet in the market, the plate is large enough, just look at the future ability to eat.

profit model

the website is still in the early, it is too early to talk about profit model, called the beast said, the profit pattern of imagine there are several, one is the network training, for example, small and medium-sized companies need internal training, matching within the tao tao can according to their needs of professional users, organizing training this get through, recommend and guarantee fee. Network and a do tourism information recommendation and dating dating is recommended. In a word, everything is based on the real feasibility of factors on grafting business. Now, more and more focus on enriching the content of community and operational registered users.

Based information

company: Shanghai no problem network technology co., LTD.

website: http://www.neitao.meInternet within

time: on March 4, 2014,

location: Shanghai

stages: initial

areas: Internet

in the Internet is an open only to the corporate network white-collar life, work, communication platform.