Worth thinking about: silicon valley indians with what occupation?

cloud network hunting note: nearly a third of silicon valley technology companies in the United States, led by Indian people in silicon valley of India’s people obviously mixed better than Chinese. Why is it cow indians in silicon valley?

indians in silicon valley’s performance can be used to describe “flawed”. In February, the CEO of Microsoft long audition in Satya nabarro Della (Satya Nadella) won, at that time, the Indian faces ballmer’s successor, has attracted worldwide attention. In late June on the Google I/O, Sundar, skin looked (Sundar Pichai) became a stage in the role of absolute, Indian executives once again shines the valley.

India’s successful technology news, both software education system and the world famous “silicon valley” bangalore, the Asian neighbors are walking in the forefront of the world. And now, they are from the technology behind the scenes to the front, and even a “fall” silicon valley streak, according to analysts, the San Francisco bay area startup, the founder of 10 to 20% from India. Why India people successfully counter attack, in silicon valley, “share”?

a, India people like to share the successful experience, for later time success

indians in the United States is not well at first, they are not inherently successful people, also don’t understand how respected leaders of a company. But they later succeeded, and is a batch to success. Warren, perhaps indian-american gains successful most roots in silicon valley mantra is: to help each other.

a careful analysis, when indian-american regardless of religion, region, caste (note: India’s characteristic, brahman, kshatriya, barking up), focus on the business itself, “feng shui” began to flow. The first generation of indians in the silicon valley after the opening, they decided to help the other later time. They realized that business will encounter difficulties in the process of about the same. Now that they have successfully, why not share successful experience to junior, to open the door to success?

they are think so, did the same. Open to talk about is one of the many share forms. They established aims to share network, such as TiE, The Indus Entrepreneurs, Indian Entrepreneurs) – to share some business, will be many forces together, in other words, is our mouth cliques.

Microsoft Indian executives wach (Vijay – Vashee) is the first generation representative of the Indian entrepreneurs to succeed. He and other successful entrepreneurs to set up the system for entrepreneurship indians positive role models, at the same time also become mentors.

2, indians have their own entrepreneurial ecosystem

about thirty years ago, the Indian people gain a foothold in silicon valley. They began to “very hard” to help someone in silicon valley startups. In addition to the previously mentioned teaching experience, the support of financial support level also cannot be ignored.

after the success, the old Indian entrepreneurs spent a lot of time and effort to establish belongs to the indians. “Find organization” means that you can not only learn the necessary knowledge, still can obtain the support of the circles especially noble – angels to help.

gradually, they set up their own entrepreneurial ecosystem, through the power of the “organization” to accelerate the innovation incubation.

three, with language, and “origin” advantage

indians have many advantages, they almost will English as their second language, from a democratic society.

, for example, they want to express opposition to the government, break the rules has become a tradition. From the cultural level, americans and indians did not have much difference, this makes the indians came to the United States after, can quickly without much effort into the new environment.

for Chinese entrepreneurs, especially those from the mainland entrepreneurs, may need to take a long time to adjust to “and the government’s” way of thinking. Because, since ancient times, we advocate is “authority”, don’t follow the rules, no respect for authority are treated as heterogeneous.

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