Would you like to spend 8000 yuan to buy the world’s most intelligent motorcycle helmet?

although looks and ordinary motorcycle helmet Skully AR – 1 no sample, but you know, now that can claim to be “the world’s most intelligent motorcycle helmets”, the function of it must not just to protect your head from harm so simple, at least on the Internet has completely accepted the idea.

on the raised platform in a month, the funds raised (AR – 1 has reached $8 million, is three times of the original plan, and the number and the trend continues to rise.

AR – 1 special used the rear camera, can reach 180 ° view. It also used the transparent HUD display screen, the real-time speed, bearing, fuel oil level and caller id projection to the front view. According to Skully, the wearable electronic helmet is designed by a San Francisco start-up company, the helmet mask is not only the counter-attack light, smoke, and rubbing.

in addition, AR – 1 are connected to the smart phone via bluetooth, and displayed on the HUD screens all the required information. In GPS service, AR – 1 can be smart phones connect to the Internet. One thousand there was a problem in network connection, you can also use the local map.

since the helmet can take phone via smartphones, music, and the basic information, such as GPS data Skully intends to provide more in the near future applications. Because technology site BGR, developers will be able to use the SDK to software development.

Skully claimed that AR – 1 can range up to 9 hours. Surrounded by the whole motorcycle helmets pass strict test, the DOT (Department of Transport, the U.S. Department of transportation) to ensure its safe use within the United States. And ECE (Economic appointed for Europe, the Economic Commission for Europe) shows that it conforms to the international safety standards, can be used around the world.

of course, the cost of this technology is not low. Those who are interested in the Skully AR – 1 need to pay $1399 in the raised platform to reserve the helmet.