WP voice assistant “XiaoNa Windows 9 will be introduced

, Microsoft plans to WP voice assistant application “XiaoNa” (Cortana) is integrated into the Windows 9.

reports pointed out that they have seen a Windows 9 XiaoNa operation mode. At present, XiaoNa also just appear as an app in the Windows system. Claims to the test using a Windows version XiaoNa said, when users open XiaoNa, this app will appear on the desktop is central, and account for about a quarter of the screen.

analysts believe that after Windows 9 to 2015, XiaoNa sectors will serve as a system in which software integration.

recently, desktop PCS and mobile intelligent device, is experiencing a new way of human-computer interaction. Desktop for Windows in the “keyboard”, “touch” after operation, should also be toward the voice control mode () in the short term, it should be a variety of means to coexist.

what’s interesting is that after the media has revealed the apple also plans to launch a Mac version of Siri.