Wradio and say bye to the old version, set out to a global radio station

beginning be little praise, the new version of the Wradio radio is certainly worth experience around the world. In both the interaction, and detail.

but I still want to say, the new is their new life. If use Wradio before can understand, used to be a live radio as the core of the APP. But run for so long time, the team found that the audience is too narrow, and the intention is to want to live as the auxiliary pole, surrounding microblogging form do dating platform, but walk on the way to the station as the core.

let internal team to define, Wradio old cruel failure of the project. Team in mobile Internet also struggle for many years, the development of some products is still in an earnings, market is brutal, of course, some also became a cannon fodder. Two main products WTV (watch video product) and Wradio khin team a lot of effort, if so give up Wradio, emotional always, so the new Wradio oven, new direction is set: the hands of the stations around the world.

new visual style is say goodbye to the old version. Wradio now includes 2000 + global radio, can at any time to listen to, also can search program of interest. After experience, you’ll find Wradio both in interaction experience and on the details, the user can feel the sincerity behind the product. But this type of radio products, has a lot of cluster. Approximate model have also been clear. Product director told me, Wradio want to overtake, the most important thing now is to experience perfectly .

team currently 7 people responsible for technology, product quipped director are battle-hardened prick silk, in addition to the fine arts kid sister. Editorial team is composed of a director and anchor of the old Wradio transformation, they all have considerable power to guard a pass good content. (after transfer station, more technology is with the first, followed by operation) inside professional translation team, here is worth praising.

copyright so hot recently, fast fined big energy-sapping. The copyright issues in here tell me something about the radio show. Now that copyright depends on what kind of radio, music will copyright problems, FM classes there is no limit. But copyright path startup is a great burden, so the content of the team will give preference to avoid copyright problem, then go further for attractive need copyright content.

because team and radio and television have cooperation for a long time, so the content scale also has a standard early, artificial listening to foreign radio content were and censorship, station selection will screen out the contents of risk, this also is the audio and video industry quietly follow some unwritten experience.

actually current audio products such as the Himalayas, dragonflies FM, litchi FM, etc., is becoming more and more rich in content and at the same time, in the face of a problem, is that users have the choice of anxiety. Because of the increasingly rich content, can choose expanded, but there is a kind of absorption is not the choice to listen to the disease. Audio products innovation, in addition to good content, audio at the same time should also provide no information on the market, must have a unique content to attract users to open, rather than on a PC or weibo absorption content and secondary on audio products once again experience the .


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