Writing before the millet conference: no 4 meters

cloud network hunting on July 21,

tomorrow is the day of millet host a conference, “journey to the art of a steel plate,” redundant “austenitic 304”, big Arabic Numbers “4”, to tickle the majority digital enthusiasts in the heart. What on earth is millet new product?

“4” sample product?

a new generation of flagship millet “4”?

all metal, stainless steel flag?

“4 G”?

the good guess and psychosexuality, think a little bit about the haven’t good for my whole life! But with millet “reasonable, unexpected” style, millet gives pond is not that you think. Xiao yun humble opinion, at least 4 m 3 s and m is around to play with you together.

m 3 s, 4 meters both conflict, the chip can not choose, not both together.

millet the past product lines, each version of the upgrade is the configuration of the highest mobile phone, every time is configuration tweaking upgrade, look the same, as for some old-fashioned flagship appear as main model. Millet have been want to enrich their own high-end product line, S series can be seen, youth series, A series of millet have been efforts and try.

with the millet market influence, the several product lines of millet far cannot satisfy the needs of users, in the user’s pretend bility, maverick, moderate psychological needs, the new product line is imperative, and millet now have this ability. We can confirm the new product line is the continuation of millet original S series, for packaging, to build again. The maverick “steel plate” adhere to these a few characteristics.

which creates a series of problems: m 3 s, 4 meters is to pursue high match, the chip can’t choose! M 3 s have built again, with m 4 form product line conflict cannot be broken. Maybe is directly out of a, and 4, and 4 c? Certainly not.

m 4 is a flagship annual, even Xiao dragon 805 does not match the image, at least the fingerprint identification, 64!

m product line 4 is the core of millet, millet is the face of consumer propaganda, relatively large, across generations of hardware function must be to appear in the product line. Now after 4, millet can’t be released this year 5 meters.

64, fingerprint identification? (just the android fingerprint identification technology mature, and 64 months) is used in red rice series start?

in the right point in time, now Android L, qualcomm, nvidia own high-end suppliers across generations technology are mature, it is not about the technology and the industrial chain.

so, m 4 will not release.

not many large conferences every year, lei jun says millet could be suggested that “we are the new product line value, this is we spent a lot of idea to elaborate, you hurry to do advertisement publicity everywhere… “

“4” is not only m “4” one explanation, “4” anniversary of this year is millet, millet to publish new product “4” samples, the new “4” features can be, “were not unexpected, understandable” don’t let your imagination is correct!

cloud network xiao yun for the forecast of millet new hunting is: m 3 a (two version of the nvidia, qualcomm, 4 g; For the name of the S series is needed for m 4, 5); Red rice 4 g version (qualcomm chip, need to please to please qualcomm and one thousand yuan level users, millet technical strength is enough to take care of red rice series); Beautiful miui V6. Millet bracelet. don’t want any more.

last mouth base guess again: in 4 (October) before, millet could release 64, fingerprint identification, mediatek scheme, 4 g version of the red rice note. New technology used to preempt the starting stunt, meet the demand of mediatek attack the high side, as the function of immature technology experiment, also do not cause defection, fingerprint identification ecological one step ahead to build.

the forehead. Prediction is risky, welcome everybody to plank brick. Already mouth base forecast. Anyway. To supervise and urge increase prediction success rate of xiao yun? The forehead.

la la la la…