Wronged operators channel

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in 2011, is a high-speed growth stage of the mobile Internet lenovo and millet in that time at the same time to enter the smartphone business, how. Three years later, the gap is very obvious: lenovo domestic market share has been ranked second, although millet growing rapidly into the TOP5, but early in the end, the strategy of mid-range late makes it lags behind that of lenovo. Lenovo has been ranked third in the global market share, in its market share in the major reason behind the success of the strategy is lenovo on channel operators.

data shows that lenovo mobile sales 70% rely on the operator channels, and other mobile phone manufacturer is less than 50%, lenovo has become a large operators in the first. While lenovo executives said on many occasions to hug operators, find a way of “operator customization and service combination”. But a voice questioned lenovo’s move will lead to low profit and weak brand, far users, such as concerns, I don’t think so.

smartphones channel selection, operators indispensable

smartphones channel choice.

in the first place, the cable on and offline, although most smartphones have now have online sales channel, but millet, hammer, claim that the Internet phone dependence on online players are bigger, lenovo, huawei is also actively trying to Internet channels;

second, has the self-management and his camp, online have proprietary site and third-party e-commerce sites, offline retail stores, open social channels and operators;

once again, there are different cooperation mode. Such as foreign handset makers and carriers even cannot be labeled as their own Logo, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers and carriers also have a personal relationship, some from the channel to the software to brand cooperation, others will involve only sales, carrier channel is not in a word, and three carriers in the machine contract strategy are also different.

you can see, none of the smart phone going to choose a single channel, including millet also considered operator channels, offline channels open. At the same time almost all smartphone will actively embrace operators, only when the meizu such small producers and operators game unacceptable conditions pronounced refused to operators, because meizu leader jack rare personality, let this “refused to” also is very rare.

why? Carrier channel is not perfect, it may be based on their own interests and starting point and put forward various demands, requires pre-installed applications, low in price, through the “white paper” put forward requirements specification, sales is difficult to predict, and so on. But the carrier channel is the most effective: the operator has nearly 1.2 billion user base at the same time, can be flexible end subsidies marketing, combined with the phone also has a large online service system and the ground. These conditions make the smartphone manufacturers can be cost-effective to seize market share, lenovo is the case.

apple after a few years with China mobile barrier to embrace together, suggesting a smartphone manufacturers and operators are born between a pair of, any ambitious smartphone manufacturers may not do not take the carrier channel.

there is no perfect channel operators wronged

some people think that, operators of centralized purchasing, can lead to cell phone manufacturers’ bargaining power is low. A little judgment will know, any upstream channels and related problems. At the end of the day or the interests of the game, based on the supply and demand. Electrical business channels, for example, jingdong bargaining power in front of the mobile phone manufacturers don’t? Jingdong can also through continuous extension of the payment days, participate in price war to the manufacturer being asked to influence upstream profit. If any field is, channels for king, upstream will be helpless pain. Wholesale mobile phone manufacturer whether at cost to channel, and channel operators or electricity or offline entity, there is no relationship, so there is no said incremental don’t increase because of the “operator channels”. Mobile phone manufacturer to do is combinative oneself is actual dispersive channel, multiple legs to walk.

operator is closest to the user. First user community that it covers wide enough, the high end, the 123456 cities and vast rural areas, different age stages of 1.2 billion users; Secondly it has wider channels: offline hall, a telephone hotline and Internet platforms, all of these channels are in contact with the user, operator actually call the Internet the company’s customer service quality worse than not; Operators have vast amounts of user data, again from basic personal information to call behavior records and so on, these are often the manufacturers don’t have the Internet, this part of the data is likely to be used to mining the user characteristics and requirements; The operators also have mature system of user research, is likely to be outsourced, it is possible that the questionnaire, but operators with manpower support do thing is a lot of people think not facing users.

select operator channels will not be far away from the user. Will far away from the user and the manufacturer’s own choice. Any products have several key questions: who pay, who to use. Although there are first sold to the operators in each operator channels to buy to the user process, but that doesn’t mean the handset manufacturers products regardless of the end users requirements. Jingdong, off-line open channels are similar processes and patterns.

a lot of people ignore the operator can also bring brand premium, many low-end users, far away from the Internet users think machine operator contracts more reliable quality. In the eyes of the more keen on Internet channel user operator channels and with no brand, potential users of the problem is that smartphones than intent on users of the Internet channel. Said a friend in operators, handset manufacturers, if cooperate with operators in advertising operators with even if there is a LOGO also earn a lot of advertising. Mobile phone manufacturer brand will be damage, ultimately depends on the quality of the products and services, channels, to influence brand more or less but carrier channel is positive influence on the brand.

in my impression, operators as enterprise nature has always been some differentiation treatment, and the operator channels. But I see is that operators and other channels is not such a big difference, it is wrong, there is also a trend is that the operators are electricity, e-commerce sites are operators, you didn’t see jingdong, ali virtual operators are actively involved in it? Rather than focus on channels, make product with great concentration, polishing service, the user’s heart.

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