WSJ: Line Japan filing, valued at $10 billion

from, popular in southeast Asia Line, mobile IM application has been officially filing to the Tokyo stock exchange. According to the IPO application documents, according to the Line at $9.84 billion.

Morgan Stanley and Japan first Nomura securities trading company (Nomura Holdings Inc) will bear the Line of the listed shares distribution tasks. It is worth noting that the report points out, in addition to the Tokyo stock exchange, the Line will also log on the nyse.

sources close to the Line as early as this fall.

Line was founded in 2011, by the end of the April 1 this year, the number of users has reached 400 million. Line plan by the end of this year, the user scale to 5-600 million. Not only that, but the Line is promised in 2015, allows users to double the number (1 billion).

Line of internationalization have been developing steadily and 80% of its users from overseas (Japan).

Line 2013 total revenue of $338 million, of which around in-game purchase income accounted for 60% of total revenue, texture, bought within 20% the official account and sponsor related map is also become one of the cash cow the Line.

recently, Line announced that cooperate with peas, promoting the Line in the development of the mainland China market.