Xbox One into China: in fact the somebody else is TV box

yesterday afternoon, Microsoft XboxOne conference held in Shanghai film museum, Microsoft and best vision jointly announced the Xbox One has won the approval of the Chinese government, will be officially listed in September 23, Chinese players can be in Microsoft’s official Chinese mall reservation.

after the Shanghai radio and television, radio, film and television group co., LTD. Shanghai culture is controlled by the vision of new media co., LTD. Jointly announced with Microsoft, Xbox One, to be published in September in China. Xbox One to become the first approved by the host game and entertainment to sell in China.

it is understood that Microsoft will set up the Xbox production factory in Shanghai free trade zone. Gap with the previously expected, Xbox One price the cheapest also want 3699 yuan, and bring it to sell 4299 yuan.

in the United States, with access Xbox One priced at $499, or about 3079 yuan, with an average of 8% consumption tax rate, the total price is 3325 yuan, and don’t take it for just $399, including tax of RMB 2659. Want a higher price than the American line 1000 multivariate.

payment habits

In response to this is:

Microsoft kingdom Xbox One giving 3 months of Xbox Live Gold Gold members, the more expensive the kingdom of the Xbox One has One year premier league starting limited edition video rights.

that is to say, the extra money is function service charges, and in fact Microsoft Xbox Live Gold is only Gold member can let users enjoy the Xbox One some free content on the platform, is a service entry fees, the subsequent separation of various services, content resources also requires the user to continue to pay the relevant expenses.

don’t know the payment has not been a habit of domestic Internet service market, the Xbox One fate will evolve. But want to spend such a large amount of money to buy the Xbox One of the local tyrants, should not care about this service. For senior players, to buy a gray crack after use, want to had become adept, much more choice.

video games or TV box?

the Xbox One aims to create “a new generation of home entertainment center”, is also a blockbuster with Microsoft was founded in September 2013 joint venture Shanghai hundred information technology development co., LTD, One of the project. Kingdom’s version of the Xbox One set himself and licence blackstone, which has the content of the resources, including the popular movies, sports, documentaries, boutique video, fitness, and domestic development and application of the sole.

from the function, what is the difference between this with TV box? Looking forward to the Xbox One good game ecological, can bring a new atmosphere to the domestic market.