Xiang dong.he did business, online course platform “and who learn online.

(word/qing nan)

in January as chief executive of the new Oriental education technology group post, speculation about the future of xiang dong.he has caused a lot of, is a single venture; The second is to join the YY education.

now, the answer has been announced. After the past to recover and brewing, xiang dong.he entrepreneurial projects “and who learn” web site has a low profile online (www.genshuixue.com), the direction is still in the tide of online education.

the data shows, “and who learn” subject for Beijing hundred interconnection technology co., LTD., founded in June 4, 2014, was founded by xiang dong.he and Zhang Huaiting, su wei, three joint, among them, xiang dong.he as the legal representative, registered capital of 10 million yuan.

the information shown on the website is still relatively simple.” And who learn “slogan is” all masters, the search for a quick, “the main famous brand, and joined the course evaluation system, aim is to make everyone happy with online education platform. Platforms in the teachers are required to pass through professional certification, and through standardized process services, one-stop service platform, and behind will using data mining technology to meet the personalized needs of students, and teachers’ matching. And baidu phoenix nest Zhang Huaiting after senior engineer, senior product manager, business search department have a certain experience in the search field.

at present, more than 10 teachers who in the learning platform, with more open to the occupancy of the teachers and students in class application will open in succession in the rear. In addition, “and who learn” has begun recruiting dance, Musical Instruments such as the teacher, and some technical jobs, including course production, cameraman, post-production, etc.