Xiang-dong zhang VS xiao-long zhang: product internationalization, straight up core or surrounding the cities from the countryside?

xiang-dong zhang think there is something wrong with the internationalization strategy WeChat

Discuz! And tencent cloud 2014 the ninth Chinese Internet entrepreneurs hosted by the general assembly, long bond xiang-dong zhang, founder of the digital published “the internationalization of the Internet company” keynote, represented by Go Launcher is introduced products in the international market, especially the core markets such as the United States market success.

xiang-dong zhang put forward Chinese enterprises often make mistakes in international expansion, the traditional enterprise strategy often churches is greater than the product. While products as the core of Internet companies often goes two error:

myth, trying to copy the success of the Chinese market to other markets.

this line of thinking is often difficult to obtain success, the success of the Chinese market does not represent can success in other markets.

mistake 2, on the run from the rural areas to encircle the cities’

xiang-dong zhang thinks this is affected by some military thoughts pernicious. Some Internet companies do product internationalization thought opens first influenced by Chinese culture and the radiation of the southeast Asia market, then the market of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Want to play “surrounding the cities from the countryside”.

it’s a pity that this line of thinking is always success. Xiang-dong zhang and downstream the dam, for example:

there are some companies in the part of the market of southeast Asia for more than 30% market share, began to rejoice. Think covered channel with the leaves, is occupied the market. But what need reminds is, it’s because of the high dam (core markets such as the United States) has not opened the gate. Once opened the gate dam (the product of the U.S. market to lay position advantage) upstream of the flood will wipe your original share easily.

xiang-dong zhang is euphemistically criticized in the home of the tencent qq letter (wechat) to southeast Asia, Latin America for the breach of international routes. xiang-dong zhang’s point of view is that must keep up core!

if you think xiang-dong zhang suggested is not clear enough, then xiang-dong zhang tells the story of a xiao-long zhang and internationalization ideas:

“we once and outstanding in the Internet, WeChat chat little dragon, founder of the internationalization of our chat, little dragon say they recently found a new tactics feel very good, ask me what they think about it. Development of the user is in Mexico, and Mexico’s allow users with WeChat spread to the United States, you know the geography position is very close to Mexico and the United States, and a lot of black, the mexicans would run into American life. So my advice to him is, I feel very interesting, but I don’t think this would be, bring WeChat in the international market change sex, why, because I don’t think the mexicans is the mainstream user groups in the United States, he is the edge. This way, although have a little effect, but does not bring the change of the overall, so I don’t think it can be used as a dependent.”

xiang-dong zhang VS xiao-long zhang: dislocation contrast

international three representations: mobile products, tools, Android

in the past three years, with the development of mobile Internet, Google Play and apple Appstore this global distribution platform established, the enterprises have a more open country distribution platform. The Finnish company Rovio (Angry Birds developer), individual developers Vietnam nguyen ha east (Flappy Bird developer) can work wonders.

China has three major companies in the past three years the internationalization of achievements striking: long bond, UCweb, and cheetahs of digital mobile (jinshan network).

we observe the products, the three companies Go Master desktop, Uc browser, cleaning the Clean Master, they all have the following characteristics:

1, mobile products

can only through the universal mobile product distribution on a large scale application store.

2, partial tool attribute

Go desktop and clean up the master tool. Uc browser partial tool (why say partial tools, will be detailed below).

3, along with the global expansion of Android outbreak

the three products and tightness of the Android platform is far better than iOS. They are to some extent in solving Android users have some pain points around the world. Internationalization of their achievements and closely tied to the soaring of the Android’s global equipment.

is a tool, so don’t have regional differences, don’t need to consider the cultural background. Because be solve user general pain points, so have “straight up core”, won the ability of users favor of North America.

xiang-dong zhang criticized the myth of surrounding the cities from the countryside, UCweb in this mistake. UC internationalization of many users, is the world’s rural areas, and the third world countries. UC once brilliant market achievements in Iran (the province traffic is a proxy mechanism, can be used to access their own is not allowed to access the website, mobile phone users in China has also benefited from early opera mini), but the UC banned by Iran. UC just announced last year to develop Pad version and to enter the United States, but the effect is not significant. UC has put focus on the mobile search this year. Xiang-dong zhang diagnosed the UC international problems, but not diagnosed with micro letter title.

WeChat three features: the social and cultural attributes and regional difference, platform support:

1, strong social

it is woven chain relationship. The chain of social relations is very deep moat, it’s hard to imagine a enterprise can use the same product in the PC era Chinese market challenges of the QQ, Chinese market challenges in the era of mobile WeChat. WeChat want to “take North America”, Facebook, Whatsapp will promise?

2, social about people, with a strong cultural attribute

social product is about people, with a strong cultural attributes and the crowd of different district regional differences. Facing the internationalization of its cultural differences, a hierarchy is more difficult than Go to desktop.

3, tencent’s social networking is a platform

tencent’s products, the essence is not only a social communication, but a platform. Platform grew out of a large number of products is the key point of profit. “Straight take North America” sound, but tencent is related products in the market is not established, lone WeChat stand on.

xiao-long zhang called by Mexican penetrate the American market, is a kind of helpless not straight for the U.S. market. Can be effective, of course, is a question mark. But xiang-dong zhang “straight up core” strategy for tool products, are not necessarily suitable for social platform products.

xiang-dong zhang advocate internationalization, earn money by internationalization of Chinese products because of the long bond

tools on the internationalization of production and social products, editor you can think of, xiang-dong zhang don’t know?

I don’t believe it.

so why is he still so crazy preach internationalization?

interested friends may wish to go to read the nasdaq-listed company long bond digital results. GO desktop marketing income, mostly from China mobile Internet developers overseas promotion.

the cheetah mobile Clean the Master of success, and Go in the aid of the desktop.

so xiang-dong zhang to trumpeting the internationalization of Chinese products, long bond digital depends on the money!

tools products easy to internationalization, but cash is not easy. This is the common problem before long bond and cheetahs. As the xiang-dong zhang say, users, income, internationalization and brand internationalization international is three steps, long bond is still in the second step. Desktop application distribution, long bond do Go, after all, is not the app store, need to use QiaoJin rather than brute force. It is also a xiang-dong zhang need to face the problem.

WeChat future new mode in the domestic, international success has nothing to do

unlike long bond digital trumpeting the internationalization, WeChat international success or failure, has really doesn’t matter. Recently xiao-long zhang tencent WeChat enterprise group’s President, sent to all of the letter, he didn’t write a word of internationalization.

a letter business group will be responsible for the micro in micro letter for social infrastructure in a building the Internet, open and O2O platform, to provide users with instant messaging and online entertainment, the life and the commercialization of integrated services, create more value.

social, open, O2O, communication and entertainment business. All this, lis are 500 million users in China, rather than the “rural areas to encircle the cities” one hundred million overseas users.

xiang-dong zhang for tencent enlightenment

maybe xiang-dong zhang straight for the core of strategy is not suitable for micro letter, but it can still bring enlightenment to tencent, the international investment and mergers and acquisitions.

and tencent are doing this. Over the past two years, tencent in the overseas investment is soaring, especially in the investment in the United States. If our products are not suitable for entering the U.S. market, the investment in the United States market popular products (for example Snapchat), is also a kind of “straight up core” strategy. This is what xiang-dong zhang borrow “three body” of another parable “straight to the brain.

the last attached xiang-dong zhang speech records “the internationalization of the Internet company”

mobile Internet company to do internationalization, there is a natural advantage. Both apple and android mobile phone, have the app store. Store model makes mobile Internet people will naturally have the characteristics of the internationalization.

the internationalization the erroneous zone

the first myth: we want to use in the Chinese market success, against people to the international market. Baidu, for example, if you want to succeed in the search market in the United States, it is wishful thinking. Because of the difference of culture, the differences between the user to select, China and other countries have not cross the gap.

the second myth: rural areas to encircle the cities, this strategy in the global market, will it work? There are a lot of Chinese products, at the time of play to the international market, first select the smaller countries of southeast Asia, when in these markets accounted for 30% of the time, began to rejoice. But what need reminds is, high dam hasn’t opened the gate over there. When the dam is opened, the upstream of the flood will wipe the original share easily.

how to internationalize?

products to do well, of course, this is beyond doubt.

in addition, to take a scalpel, straight for the core, must in the developed countries, in the upstream and the most influential country occupy the position, for the user.

for mobile Internet companies, entrepreneurs should find the vacant position in the market, and occupied it, occupy a position like that, to achieve success. Entrepreneurs need a few small incision, because large incision has the control.

here are xiang-dong zhang lecture transcript:

xiang-dong zhang: just believe everyone listen to fall fat should be inspired by the speech, me too. As an Internet entrepreneur, I saw the two words will feel more than a decade ago and I started to choose business as my way of life and the choice of things, the two words also excited, is freedom. Now is the most important characteristics and essence of the Internet, the teacher’s words are very good, we also have a word, is I is free.

today I share with you is the Internet, especially the mobile Internet to do another thing, is the internationalization. Let me introduce our company in terms of internationalization in the three years to do a little success. Long bond business is divided into three pieces, now we do ten years ago in China’s 3 g portal is our China business, international business part is we GO desktop, we are now in the global coverage. I want to share with you is mainly the following two points, the first in the mobile Internet, internationalization is a natural advantage, we know your mobile phone, both apple and android mobile phone shops, the store model makes mobile Internet had the characteristics of an international nature. Among the earliest long selection, we stumbled, we found all of a sudden, our users in different countries and overseas users growth than the Chinese users. Internationalization of the topic, many people have said, we’ve heard a lot of hot words, such as to go through fire and water are diligently, we need to occupy the commanding heights of the world. But we are naturally to go global, the process of our application in the three years ago (in English), but today our products around the world each big rankings are the first products of the same level.

said sometimes I wonder, could it be that we go too easy, traditional enterprise is thinking strategy, they want we must be global layout, but the globalization involves the natural direction of mobile Internet, it is like a tree growth, today when I communicate with the developers of different countries, we find that they are considering local market of their products, especially for tool types of products. Internet companies must have product beliefs, rather than using strategic beliefs, you use the strategy of faith a much higher price.

today we and entrepreneurs in the assembly in the tencent communicate with you, we are willing to share with you two, we for our products in the process of internationalization, we found some of the pitfalls. What is the first myth, we desire to mainstream market success in China in the international market and people. For an example of the company, search, I chat with baidu friend in private, I always say, a noun is very candid, said oys people said, if you want to be in the search engine baidu to success in the U.S. market, I think it is wishful thinking. Because the search engine in major countries around the world, and the developed countries, has been the mainstream products dominated the market share, today you still intend to use a while among the world’s biggest market made a set, but you also want to the other market success in other countries, I think this possibility is almost zero. And cultural differences, the choice of the users for the product, China and other countries have not cross the gap.