Yahoo to buy a recognition technology shang ClarityRay false advertisement

on August 17, yahoo has frequently bid could Israel advertising technology startup ClarityRay into a bag, transaction details unknown at present.

ClarityRay was established in 2012, the headquarters is located in tel aviv, Israel, including the founder, love ya, bloomberg card (Ido Yablonka), Vadim, zack (Vadim Zak) and gouy dermatology ROM (Guy Pitelko). In May 2012, ClarityRay raised $500000.

ClarityRay for ordinary consumers and enterprise customers to identify the fraudulent advertising technology. For ordinary Internet users, ClarityRay provides a screening tool for advertising.

for publishers, ClarityRay products allow them to provide ad-free version of the web site of the subscription. Now, ClarityRay focus has shifted to advertising fraud and security field.

ClarityRay and yahoo did not disclose the details of the deal.

Marissa mayer (

since two years ago as CEO, very positive in terms of acquisition of yahoo, more than two years buying start-ups sophomore ten, this is the outside world as recovery, reduce criticism of yahoo.