Yahoo’s own video site is coming, and YouTube contest is divided into advertising

Beijing time morning news of May 28, the AdAge website quoted sources as saying that yahoo is negotiating with video production, and plans to launch its own later this summer video site, YouTube.

according to sources, the company was planning to launch the service in April this year, but the contract problems lead to the project has been delayed. But for disgruntled YouTube video makers, yahoo has brought more generous terms, including more generous revenue sharing agreement, as well as the fixed advertising price much higher than YouTube.

like YouTube, on yahoo video website, video maker you can create your own channel and publish video. And like YouTube video player, yahoo video player can be embedded to other web sites. Signed a contract with yahoo video publishers will be able to use yahoo, the release of the panel and publish video in yahoo’s multiple sites, such as yahoo home page and bursts, and yahoo in the network, the third party web site.

sources said talks with video producers from the beginning. Yahoo has recruited even participated in Google video makers Preferred program. This project help large brand advertisers to buy high quality video advertising.

video producers have been dissatisfied with YouTube’s revenue share model entities. According to the agreement, Google will gain 45% from YouTube advertising revenue. The terms of this aspect is more advantageous to yahoo video makers. However, video maker did not disclose the specific yahoo provide what percentage of revenue sharing.

in addition, yahoo also provides a fixed advertising prices. News that this price is YouTube’s average price 50% to 100% higher net ads. According to the video company Tubemogul before revenue share, on average, YouTube one thousand times in the United States advertising display price is $9.68.

when yahoo and video maker to sign the agreement does not require exclusive, so video can also be uploaded to YouTube and yahoo. However, yahoo is trying to better conditions to attract video makers first upload the video to yahoo!

yahoo declined to comment on the news, the us technology blog Re/code initially reported that yahoo video website in March this year.

as yahoo CEO since 2012, Marissa Mayer (Marissa Mayer) has been the construction of video service as a priority. Last year, yahoo had tried to buy YouTube in European rivals Dailymotion and Hulu, but without success. And sources, yahoo had discussed this year buy YouTube video network Maker Studio and Fullscreen.

before yahoo plans to sales in the video broadcast advertising, so as to promote the overall growth in advertising revenue, and engage in total $70 billion U.S. television advertising market.

source: tencent technology