Yahoo’s star female executives had sexual aggression against female employees

recently, foreign media science and technology more continuous report about “”. Recently, the uproar was reported about this case, the latest progress. Prosecution of intentionally spirit damage. Yahoo also seems to be the executive to the platform, said it will do all it can to help the “rehabilitation”.

a lawsuit is yahoo, a former software engineer ShiNan (transliteration), Peking man, woman, studied at Ohio university computer professional. The defendant is Chinese yahoo executive Maria Zhang (Maria Zhang). Data shows, maria is yahoo’s senior director of engineering business, women, responsible for yahoo mobile project, is one of the key figures in the company.

ShiNan and maria are ethnic Chinese female engineers, the two work together in the same startups. Later, because of the company acquired by yahoo, two people also entered the yahoo. ShiNan pointed out that as a competent superior, maria asked her several times in different situations and her “sex”. When facing ShiNan resistance, maria zhang by subtle means to pressure, and promise as long as she obedient oneself, will have bright future in yahoo.

ShiNan in litigation described: “after joining yahoo, she (maria) put me in a temporary accommodation. A day in the morning, sleeping on the sofa I was maria zhang hogging (bed), suddenly woke up from a dream. Her naked squeezed into my blanket, and began to caress kiss me. I was scared at the time, asked her if she is doing. She told me already fall in love with me for a long time. I clearly explained, we’re just friends, don’t become lovers. But maria didn’t stop this kind of behavior.”

the event the other party maria zhang is against prosecution. She claimed that ShiNan prosecution is completely absurd. She (ShiNan) in order to meet their targets, at the price of damage the reputation of the company.

maria zhang

maria zhang pointed out that in the counterclaim in after joining yahoo, ShiNan performance worse and worse. After repeated remind by leadership, still just complain and adventurous. ShiNan, she says, the aim is to know that he might be fired by the company after the private revenge. In addition, maria zhang reminded the court, the plaintiff sued the timing of the very suspicious – in their own feeling outgoing is put forward. And, the plaintiffs sex behavior, there are no reliable evidence.

so far, the court has not yet officially make a judgment. It is worth noting that the silicon valley Business Weekly have maria zhang named “2014 annual one of influential women”. She declared on the personal home page, “I to support the development of the women with passion”, “has been enthusiastic to help other women engineers”.

to two Chinese female workers, yahoo seems to be to maria zhang side without hesitation. Although yahoo spokesman did not joint counterclaim ShiNan, but in an interview, said: “for maria zhang prosecution is totally unfounded. Yahoo will do whatever it takes to help maria zhang cleared grievances.”