Yang prawns, send apron takeout O2O lobster

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all is business, don’t pull what O2O.

Beijing recently sold crayfish and O2O brand. But food, must return to taste. It doesn’t taste good, pull all concept mat is useless.

to return to the crayfish main characters in three kinds of choices, eating out, some takeout, do your own. O2O, is definitely the latter two.

to eat is always a taste. Condition must be on the quality. Here’s the common fault of the food industry in crawfish.

shrimp source problem: crayfish generally live in permanent streams and swamps, temporary habitat including ditches and ponds. There is also more cultured. Some restaurants in order to maximize profits, lower threshold on shrimp source choice, don’t choose the top quality.

due to the small lobster scrub, cooking is time-consuming, crawfish in most restaurants will be in place, it involves the wash shrimp. For convenience, they will choose “wash shrimp meal, wash shrimp powder can speed up, and after the wash shrimp is bright and clean color, although sell as good, but the smell is very difficult to remove residues in shrimp shell, strong corrosion resistance will also make a pincers drops to shrimp. If you have the above situation, suggest or cautious to buy.

and then return to the O2O sell shrimp. Actually, namely a business. As poor as stores and gross profit, the most difficult point in the word of mouth, in the spread. This attempt from jewellery traders to sell O2O Yang yun Yang, founder of the prawn shrimp is also think so.

they made a special sell authentic crayfish brand “Yang shrimp”, unlike the traditional business, currently only supply a day, 100, sold out.

network brand advantage in where, in addition to the concept, yun Yang also think more is the product quality and taste, and service.

in order to distinguish and traditional restaurants, what do they do on shrimp source selection, word of mouth is very important in the O2O, first quality

not poor. They choose the hongze lake in the city of jiangsu huaian xuyi lobster as shrimp source supply, choose water shrimp for ingredients.

living transportation, now place the order now. Wash shrimps with water cannons, ensure must be fresh. They rented a large central phthalates in Beijing hotel kitchen, in this place, also want to give consumers a brand trust. An interview, said yun Yang and mysterious, the most important in fact on the ingredients, they dig a chef, a great deal of time and very hard to buy the small lobster’s magnificent secret recipe.

now on WeChat, using micro store model. But look from their statistical effect, more and more people will call scheduled, especially frequent visitor. Currently only do in Beijing, so the shipping also to Beijing local logistics responsible for little red riding hood, rings within three hours to place an order. Spend some time because it is doing now, cooking.

in addition to the taste, quality on the service yun Yang Yang prawn also did little innovation. Remove gloves essential to eat shrimp, they will also provide an apron, because they found that if the small lobster sauce base on the clothes is not good to wash. Just before eating with the apron will be more convenient. And at the time of delivery to sign for, they also hope to be able to make delivery person unified good, do it gently knocking at the door, enthusiastic service.

crawfish O2O mode is good, but yun Yang also know that, now their weaknesses on word of mouth operations, this is also focused on strengthening point in the future.

the end of the interview, yun Yang said they recently to launch a “boiled crawfish. Now dare to boiled crawfish businessman is actually not much, because the real white boiled, to see quality of shrimp.

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