Yesterday tomatoes today mini pick, jingdong listed cast shadows?

for jingdong, 2014 has been doing in the spring, is doomed to be a great year since the submission of the IPO, the three months is not idle. Previously, tencent jingdong with the investment; Subsequently, the east elder brother with milk tea sister close relationships and exposure; Recently, the mini pick and accuses jingdong hollowed its assets. Originally in the quiet period before the public should try to avoid a too sensitive, but a barrage of jingdong touches the media’s nerves.

there is no dispute that jingdong is a great company, for the development of electric dealer market has made an indelible contribution, and liu is also a great entrepreneur, can of hardships hold up jingdong, several rounds of financing down can still control the absolute control of the company. If there is a list of person of the domestic electricity, Ma Yunpai first, liu is the second, the east elder brother’s ambition, energy, and to everyone.

some people appreciate, they hate, for liu style also has a lot of people don’t like. Control is strong, quick temper, outspoken, feelings of character makes liu jingdong has always been my own and the controversy.

travel back from the United States, the east elder brother on the temper change, speak also don’t like the past of your love, the temperament of the whole people has a lot to improve, however, the feelings of the east elder brother is still rampant, controlling nature and hard to change.

underground romance with milk tea was reported, became a netizen hot objects, entertainment and technology media on the front page. Love freedom, while liu is a public figure, but also has the power to pursue their love, liu and ZhangZe day attract each other, feelings of this not wrong, but it was exposed by the media is not too good, the serious influence liu’s personal image, because milk tea and tomato before?

two years ago, because a plant tomatoes, liu underground romance was stripped out and then jingdong pr boss this embarrassing Revelations to packing into is deliberately “marketing”, this wipe routines fool of Internet users can also, insiders at all. With milk tea in the beginning, don’t know if I finished with tomatoes, otherwise the east elder brother is between two ship, even if has separated, so the frequency of the quick change girlfriend also easy to let the capital market to liu feelings, irresponsible impression, this is having a negative effect for the IPO jingdong image.

tea event just calm, mini pick event again for jingdong enterprise image. Mini pick with jingdong, disputes between the outside world’s hard to say, even the parties, however, mini pick the plaintiff has on April 1, 2014, Shanghai putuo district people’s court official acceptance future court will give the final result.

although it temporarily not determined, but it has exposed the jingdong management chaos awkward predicament, jingdong pre-ipo beautification performance to beg, do not hesitate to XieMoShaLv, kick down the ladder, forced mini pick the fruits of harvest, forced mini pick founder to choose to fight, in order to maintain their own and the rights and interests of employees.

in emotion in reason, mini is a victim. Jingdong listed, all this should be a happy thing, and mini pick carelessly become cannon fodder, assets are emptied, compulsory redundancies behavior such as the whole mini pick into disrepute, jingdong’s move to have “culminated, visible, or jingdong didn’t pick seriously, mini or early cracks have appeared on both sides.

jingdong “kill” hands under cruel pain but bring trouble to oneself, listed on the eve of this happened, may make capital markets further to jingdong. Similarly, before it, last year’s joint venture with good medicine of jingdong jingdong good pharmacists pharmaceutical e-commerce sites also break up for control of the disputes, dispute, a barrage of cooperation is to let marriage of tencent and jingdong outlook was overshadowed.

originally, tencent as a cornerstone investors take a stake in jingdong, cheer is a boost for jingdong IPO and lift prices. And now, have to let investors relations may rupture of doubt. Once the jingdong with tencent the bye, will greatly influence on jingdong shares, capital markets have to reconsider the question.

mini pick event solve bad, will not only influence the capital market’s trust in the jingdong, but also affects the mood of Yi Xun, originally Yi Xun employees to be as a dowry jingdong is inconsistent, mini pick incident broke out, Yi Xun employees will have to do for their plans for the future. If the employees of an enterprise has lived all day worry about their future, which would focus on their work? Enterprise how to continue to develop?

when high-speed enterprise development, a lot of small problems are very easy to be ignored, and when the enterprises to develop into the bottleneck period, these small problems will continue to be amplified, as signs of enterprise decay. Orthodox currently, Beijing is in rapid development, the outside world to focus on the growth of jingdong how fast and how many sales, a lot of irrelevant questions are allowed to be ignored, but as a company boss emotional confusion, problems with partner constantly such things happen often, are going to have to let people worry that the company’s future.

tea sister and mini pick events occurring over, have to let the capital market to re-examine jingdong, jingdong’s market also cast a shadow over the process.

article/Wang Liyang

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