You unexpected WiFi signal graph: like a ghost

according to the daily mail reported, a doctoral student at Newcastle university Louis renan ozturk (Luis Hernan) has drawn around a series of show human intangible wi-fi network connectivity graph, these hovering around bright beam is like a ghost. Renan ozturk first with a custom instrument for wi-fi signals take pictures, to show them. This instrument sustainable scanning wi-fi networks, and then turn signal strength into color leds. Renan ozturk ultimately winding crimping the color of the light stripe.

renan ozturk said my thoughts to see human hidden around the wireless network. He said: “I call these the graph is ghost, because wireless network for us like a ghost. Though they exist, but to the naked eye can’t see. In fact, I increasingly rely on the wireless network to people but can’t see it felt very curious, I want to find a way to show us around the wireless network, and show how it changes.”

renan ozturk said: “the wireless network is very weak and unstable, it combine our digital technology, formed in the digital world interact. Many seemingly unimportant things, like walking around the room, all may cause interference, the force to restore. If the wrong door, the bedroom can be a wireless network corner.”

renan ozturk also developed a free downloadable software, can let a person see the wi-fi network around intensity. He said: “I hope others can participate, use the software to create your own figure wi-fi signal.”

source: drive home