Youku potato planting the love in the PPS of unauthorized infringement, claims 15.7 million yuan

youku tudou group, announced yesterday, has been in Beijing haidian court and Shanghai xuhui court to love in the PPS stolen infringement lawsuits filed 30. Case involving include “changan group dance”, “ladder” and “giant” and a series of TVB, 5 department of films and television channel TV at home, claim amount of 15.7 million yuan. Which is between the two latest steal dispute, once again, before both sides copyright problem for each other.

youku tudou, said iQIYI PPS in the mobile client piracy in severe cases, on the one hand, avoid detection by technical means, such as in PC and mobile terminal block search key words make a person cannot be found in a search stolen broadcast dramas; On the other hand in the category of programs produced youku potatoes with exclusive authorization TVB drama show page, induced users unwittingly on demand copyrighted works, and profit from it. , iQIYI PPS of stolen information has severely damaged the youku potato business interests, but also to the advertiser’s brand. Order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of their own and industry, youku potatoes to Beijing haidian court, Shanghai xuhui court, for love in the stop the infringing act immediately and to compensate the corresponding loss.

the iQIYI company responded that the PPS platform presence of users upload user-generated content, for such content, the company take prior to intercept, strict regulation, management way of treating found at any time at any time, youku mention of the so-called stolen information content that belongs to and so on. And love in the platform to the stolen by suing the trailers for the content of the whole content, now the court is presided over trailers actionable remain controversial, needs to wait for the court’s further identified. “As a leading brand of the network video industry, iQIYI since it was founded, adhere to the concept of total genuine, efforts to promote the industry of the original process, iQIYI will be a consistent strictly abide by the copyright protection of the laws and regulations, to welcome you all supervision.”

according to the current youku potato group litigation in the love in the PPS is respectively by Beijing haidian court, Shanghai xuhui court, to court session. As of June 25, youku has sued love art, 30 cases of PPS infringement, Sue love art 14, PPS16, five is now closed.

attached: iQIYI PPS stolen by youku potatoes exclusive licensing show details

PPS work involved: leaf asked, not spend fog fog, beauty secret history, chu legend, love in the spring, beautiful, happiness, three stars, wild lily also have spring, grandma love me again, cherry red, the bund, my brilliant life, country love variations.

iQIYI work involved: little father, because you didn’t like, under the sky dragon, country love waltz, giant, yao dance changan, ladders, 4 in love, the king of the burn.