YouTube is really in a recession? !

according to, as one of the world again big video websites, and one of the maximum flow “port”, YouTube, it seems, is because of the internal and external environment under the dual impact on the environment, the trend of recession.

after YouTube had expected by 2016, users in a single day (including mobile) on its website that the content viewing time will be spent 1 billion hours. And to YouTube’s current development speed, seems to be very difficult to achieve this goal. According to The Information disclosure, YouTube users to watch a total length of 300 million hours in a single day. Last year the figure for 200 million.

recently, from Netflix, Hulu, Vine, Facebook, amazon, yahoo, comcast and other powerful competitors, also repeatedly challenge YouTube video network supremacy. Even the news that Netflix users to watch total length more than YouTube in a single day.

in addition, YouTube is now experiencing and content developers crisis of confidence. Independent developers to condemn YouTube “shop QiKe”, did not bring them equal income. Rivals such as yahoo, moreover, the chance to “fall”, (try to) from YouTube to excellent video producers.

according to reports in fact, according to data from YouTube total revenue of $3.5 billion last year. If this number is true, then it will be far less than analysts previously given $5.6 billion in revenue expectations.