YY imitating China, the United States won $10 million in financing Curse

Beijing time on July 9 morning news, an online media companies in the United States Curse has recently completed a $10 million in financing, investment as GGV capital. Curse introduces has already successful business models in China, and has the experience of the Chinese market has attracted the attention of American venture capital firm.

Curse represents a new trend, it has to do with the success of the past ten years in the United States replicate opposite to China. Previously, Facebook, Google and amazon’s model were copied to China, and won the U.S. venture investment companies.

Curse CEO Hubert, mandelbrot (Hubert Thieblot) does not cover the company’s new communications platform Curse how Voice is born. This product was inspired by Chinese companies get together.

gather era was originally a game service company in China. The company developed a product to help players in the game. This social entertainment service attracted mandelbrot’s attention. After meeting with the CEO li3 xue2 ling2 together age, mandelbrot and 110 American team launched a similar service Curse Voice. Since 2014, since its launch in mid-june, Curse Voice has attracted 10 million active users.

by li3 xue2 ling2, mandelbrot also met GGV capital of the venture investment home. Last year, tung transfer from China to San Francisco, California, China, is now looking for start-up companies in the United States. He is a board member of the Curse, and a significant investors GGV capital is a Curse.

tung qiming had success in risk investment, then switch to GGV capital. He knows how to introduce China’s model to the United States, and promote the development of this trend. In addition to investment Curse, who in the past year has also invested in San Francisco’s Wish, this is a mobile business application related to alibaba. In addition, he also invested in a unique, to help the development of the social application in China.

Mr Mandelbrot, 29 years old, he came to the United States in 2008, set up his own business. He hopes on the innovation of communication system to expand the scale of the Curse, and developed into an influential technology companies.

in the process of entrepreneurship, Mr Mandelbrot also Multiplier risk debt funds from the United States Capital financing of $6 million. He said it was a debt financing will be used in the game content market purchase. At the same time, he hope to expand our business to the Asian market.

next week, Mr Mandelbrot will travel to guangzhou to visit li3 xue2 ling2 once again, this would be his eighth to come to China.

source: sina science and technology