Zhang for “when he was in a hurry” famous: “we are in the long march, haven’t to northern shaanxi”

on June 18, 2014, sohu video to be held in Beijing “China’s first network play starring” when he was in a hurry “event”. Sohu company chairman, CEO and sohu video proxy CEO zhang, sohu video COO Deng Ye, sohu video content operations center editor-in-chief shinner sohu video at the top, as well as the author of nine night Hui, directed jewel yao to attend the conference, for the broadcast on August 4, “when he was in a hurry” published by Yang 玏, Bai Jingting, starring cast Du Weihan, wen-jing CAI, etc.

“when he was in a hurry,” adapted from the nine night Hui best-selling novel of the same name, has been hailed as a pure campus love classic after 80.

this is one of the largest home-made drama sohu investment so far. There are three big hook:

1, the network play, high investment

2, after spending 80 nostalgic tide

3, 4 k into the living room

of course, the final result depends on hits, in August.

first excellent high cost production network play

when he was in a hurry, a total of 16 sets, 45 minutes per episode. According to zhang, production costs as high as millions of single set. Completely to the traditional TV dramas. Also from the best-selling novel, directed by famous director, but also to the biggest extent sohu homemade brand war “.

sohu is not the first to make TV video web sites. Started with its user-generated content from entertainment news broadcast and then “the dream silk man” this comedy success, low-cost network network homemade variety “secret and great” there has been a success. In rivals have taken several or a dozen network play, sohu video hopes when he was in a hurry, this kind of high quality long TV every away body position, set a higher standard and sohu video taste style. Because long TV series, is the most mainstream domestic currently viewing content.

consumption youth nostalgia

“to the youth”, “Jane’s you”, this “when he was in a hurry to sohu various TV dramas production is spending 80 generation of the collective nostalgic.

we this generation is very strange, 80 cracks in survival, early experience from the world of malicious deeply. In front of the reality is helpless, memories of my youth always seemed so touching. Therefore, after 80 nostalgia also came very early.

content producers consume 80 youth generation of nostalgia, largely for business reasons. After 80 people aged 25 to 34, were left campus into the workplace, has become the main consumption, of course for advertisers will be particularly interested.

network video, especially the “show” reputation of sohu video, is one of the most important viewers after 80. “When he was in a hurry the youth campus nostalgic fits in sohu video user psychology, also conforms to the sohu video advertisers demand.

to sohu video change Chinese TV play, but according to the planting mode since August week launched. “when he was in a hurry.” Can say the show from conception to shoot to marketing, is in the network.

4 k, and into the springboard of the sitting room

in addition to the “first network play”, “when he was in a hurry” another selling point is 4 k resolution. This is the first to use the series 4 k technology.

of course, a regular user of computers and mobile phones amounted to less than 4 k resolution standard. The 4 k is just a gimmick?

wrong, 4 k is for TV.

the new trend of the network video industry, the diversification of equipment, one of the most important is the rise of mobile devices and network video into the living room – that is, television.

this year the main selling points of television industry is 4 k. Domestic and international producers began to do 4 k, only to find the basic no 4 k content resources. Sohu video is locked in the gap.

in the sitting room before the battle, the competition has deployed smart TV, all kinds of boxes, and even the router hardware products, and sohu video in addition to the launch of sohu video TV version of the app on the app store a variety of TV allows users to download, no action.

in an interview, zhang said sohu video will continue to adhere to the thinking of do not do the hardware. “Now don’t do hardware, now we don’t compete with hardware, such content can with all the hardware and software manufacturers, so it makes our sohu video of his client has various content in OTT screen show above, including the” when he was in a hurry “in this regard, have a good cooperation in the living room.” But zhang refused to disclose the cooperation details, saying only a lot of TV hardware production agent for “when he was in a hurry” very interested in the 4 k TV series. Until August release when everyone knew.

sohu video World Cup

zhang also said that sohu platform in the World Cup program at present except five sets of CCTV has become the most popular source of World Cup.

Charles zhang said, and the free flow of China telecom cooperation strategy and sohu video, sohu news product matrix of client and mobile station provides sufficient differentiation, sohu leading rivals.

“game in the middle of the night, a lot of people missed the live broadcast, but any game, after the live video website is with CCTV, we sign the contract, the game is over 90 minutes later, we just like other video sites are broadcast. Just a video Web site to other video sites, a lot of people can be by sohu video can through the Web site, because people in the World Cup, people want to know the score, want to understand the text, pictures. So a lot of people through the sohu video watching people very much, we have to free flow of cooperation with China telecom, this month is free of traffic. At the same time many sohu news side or mobile web or website for counseling, they have a clear context. The three end up stories about the World Cup and play is far ahead.”

little tidbits

reporter asked zhang, “like jack ma, they are all similar autobiographical movie or television, do you have any similar ideas?”

zhang answered very simply: there is no. We are still in the long march, has not yet arrived in northern shaanxi.

zhang and sohu video entrepreneurial mindset and crisis consciousness, can be seen.