Zhihu $22 million B round: softbank saif led

according to the insider disclosed that on zhihu was completed in the recent $22 million B round, specific terms were not disclosed. Otherwise, the sources said the investment by softbank saif led.

prior to that, zhihu won lee angel investment, as well as thousands of millions of dollars in A qiming investment round of investment.

zhihu launched in December 2010, officially opened in March 2013 to register. Official disclosure, according to data from the 2013 zhihu users increased by 15 times, more than 6 million registered users at the moment.

in six years, produced a total of 2 million zhihu user discussion, ownership and distributed in 150000 under the different topics, covering the Internet, natural science, society, education, law, medicine, culture and life, and other fields.

in the PC web side, zhihu daily UV (independent user visits), 2.5 million, 60 million; monthly UV Average daily PV (page views), 6 million, 150 million monthly PV. The average time is 7 minutes each visitors to stay in a single day.

in the mobile terminal, zhihu, 6 million application activation zhihu daily activation amount to 5 million, average daily open rate by 21%; User average daily reading time is 21 minutes.

since this year, the capital market for online q&a community is preferred. In early April, zhihu American counterparts will have $80 million C round of financing, valuation of $900 million.