Zhou Hongyi spray on millet Behind the millet and qualcomm’s war

hunting cloud network May 7

360 security routing conference yesterday is brilliant! Dual-core dual-band dual antenna with intelligent router, as the cost of more than two hundred, all the bottom to 99 yuan, and will take place on May 20, the first 1 w on sale.

this is millet, 129 yuan is still in a mini version of the demo to reality, to loud! But also face supply problems.

then chairman Zhou Hongyi is 360, the famous red artillery on the network and the Internet came to speak! Came to the first sentence, it achieved the effect of foot material fierce!

few words said, on the first two paragraphs to the world. You don’t thank me, don’t call me lei feng, I’m just the nature of the porter! (creation is really amazing!)

“thank you, we are a lot of old friends came, but don’t do very well this conference. As I expected difference is very big, so we still need to learn from the bad, have to admit that we are already behind in marketing.
First, should please several people here before I go on the stage and routers and did not reflect our tall.
Secondly, total error live demonstration, also did not arrange childcare, so no one take mobile viewing pornographic pictures, can’t be done so be effect. General arrangement of a fake technician, to speak and agile, the results you really arranged a technical otaku here, also said not clearly.
Third, the PPT do not good, you don’t tell a clothing, clothing is unqualified, you wear is not, who is now fashionable? Musk is, your clothing is not qualified.”

“it is said that there are so many vendors to release in May, what a hammer mobile phone, what should you look good, I suggest that we go to learn. I really think that other people copy products is not a disgrace, we copied somebody published nothing shameful, should we copy, others are directly copied from apple, we directly copy the bad. I find it hard to our lifetime to apple.”

360 is behind qualcomm millet game

ha ha. Don’t know what bad shot again? But we seem to feel hunting millet mulberry bright on the list. Two years of friendship good brother were indeed very good.

and 360 security router is blunt to hit millet son, is this week cannons back Michael stabbed a knife of the first world war. Want to know what Michael millet routers, own jinshan firewall can just in 360 on the penis!

of course that is a bit far-fetched, millet routing power may not so big, 360 routing can break the bureau. But if don’t have the higher ratio of 360 “artifact,” next 360 market may be severely eroded.

and 360 security routing such a high energy product, with the highest technology standards, exactly is how to do it at a low price? Cannon said himself in learning, bleep, quick take a taxi to “hit a 1.8 billion, even advertising!”

but the thing that hardware according to the cost of more than two hundred guns, this a battle, but not just 1.8 billion so simple! Although artillery then standard definition set Ming “hunger marketing” learn bad, but this matter with their lifeblood of products, the hunger marketing, it is purely jokes about his life! Unless the millet products hunger to outrageous.

someone must have support behind it, is the person behind the qualcomm! If without the support of qualcomm, 360 security routing anyway to do less than 99!

qualcomm, millet grudges, have been hunting cloud network.

due to qualcomm in supply chain, the millet are frustrated, after to qualcomm hard propaganda, millet in order to grasp the initiative, begin to gradually introduce other solutions, and began to hard propaganda for others. Now basically can do without qualcomm unused, the millet router is a great example. Two models was not a qualcomm scheme is adopted. According to the influence of the millet qualcomm must want to choose a new, big influence to the partner to continue for their propaganda, in order to keep their unique position.

weeks artillery. Artillery also generous enough, but a bit qualcomm plan for 99 yuan, is basically a BOM price. Let this all day to eat royalty keep fat big alligator is “number” with tears, tasted the taste of mediatek!

qualcomm in order to protect their own high-end market image, resist mediatek’s siege, had to leave a royalty, bowed their heads and recognized. And said to the fundamental, actually this is a qualcomm and mediatek’s war.

patent big alligator very not easy to open a mouth, we must seize the opportunity, to eat more than two. Kind of artillery, release cargo?