Zhou how old? Leave the company after 90

device memory, has over 40 from Zhou Hongyi generation has worked on the old man. With Mr. Ma, li and ma in 70 before and after him, the same face that she is old to practical problems. How to deal with the company and their age, li and Zhou Hongyi on the path of a similar: for young people to pick up sticks. The Internet giant’s youngest vice President were appointed li ming-yuan li, just 29 years old. Zhou more radical, recent high-profile shout out, to create the stage after 90, 360, a lot of important star target users of the product and build team also has a tendency to young.

zhou called for a company to restart, to young, to the future

in 2014, the oldest 90 has reached the age of 24 years old, this is about the average age of college students after graduation. After 90 are batch step into society, the oldest 80 after 34 years old this year, is the golden period of my career. After 85 is concentrated into adults turned 30. In short, the world is being 80, 90, after taking over.

for 360, whether its service of consumer users, or for natural employees competitive profile from the front, will be faced with the trend of younger age. Qihoo has nearly 10 years, Zhou Hongyi is Internet veterans, how to make yourself and your company can keep young culture, mentality and feeling, how to seize the young users and inner demand, how to attract is carried out new talent to join our company, become a challenge.

Zhou Hongyi solution simple and direct: let the young company, the more power and resources allocated to 90.

Lao zhou is the topic of the speech at a conference in mid – 2013, 360 to restart, to stay young, let all people do not experience no burden of young people, to stand in the future now. In 360 nearly a year to recruit new staff, more than 90% is “80 after”, the company of “after 90” staff accounted for 15%, the company shows a completely different with the traditional industry company. 360 do become young.

can be found on the other hand, 360 product appear younger. In addition to security, browser, and these old job search engine, 360 started to develop the portable WIFI, security routing, keys, and children’s guardians and other intelligent hardware business. Their service objects are mostly for the young, cool new avant-garde trend and even children. A lot of these products is dominated by after 80, after 90, because only young people can understand the needs of young people, more thinking and pain points.

vindicated after 90, to prove himself, to individuality, freedom, simple

before formally to the society after 90, non-mainstream, the one-child, these tags will not share, love communication was master of the mainstream discourse one button for after 90. 80 and, of course, once had also had the similar experience. Through the ages a group label, profiling, become the preference of some media, opinion leaders.

when young people into social will tell the world, they “is not the same as you think.

90 in more of their own after growing up in the environment of market economy, they pursue personality, love freedom, courageous, dare to dare to do, follow your heart. Because since the childhood living in the information highly developed television and the Internet world, they have an open field of vision, active thinking, and an open mind and the feeling of tide. They no longer rigid, nerdy, no longer a personal hero, but creativity, motivation, ability and team cooperation ability and the ownership of a new generation of backbone.

these characteristics is a desire to become young and eager to be activated again, the desire to create more fun the desired products company. Zhou Hongyi think young newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, dare to try is not afraid of failure, can consider more for the future. 360 senior vice President of Chen Jieze believe that young people full of passion, creativity, imagination, and with a open mind and make public individual character, for future new product and feel the sense of smell. 360 executives have to attach importance to young people as a company of choose and employ persons. Under this idea, 360 key, and security guards customized version, search engines, anti-virus software, mobile phone assistant and other products are many acoustic shadow after after 90 or 90, even after the leader of the product is 90.

after 90 is not without shortcomings. They don’t like rules, don’t like being constraint limits, don’t like obedience, bear setbacks and compressive ability is poor. Everything is a double-edged sword, the young man is to the company. To this end, 360 through provide young people with mentors, flattening management system and build an open atmosphere to avoid these problems. 360 idea is to give young people the space, by way of a small team to its fully decentralization, let them do what you like and they think of products, it doesn’t matter even if failure, 360 giving them the chance of failure.

360 product manager of key car xiangyang is the group of 90 after a member of the middle. Just after graduation in 360 he took part in an internal Hackson competition, whose team submitted works is the predecessor of key 360. This work eventually won the first place, Lao zhou chose a car xiangyang will start after the work into a product, eventually we see the goods. In many Internet companies make a fledgling later responsible for an important product is not easy.

young people took over the future, not just in 360 in younger

the world is yours, also is our, but after all, is that help young people.

in this logic, the more and more enterprises in the market attaches great importance to the young man and young users.

in 85 after become a mainstay in society gradually into the society after 90 adults, young people become a core consumer groups, whether it is a traditional physical consumption, or information consumption, or between Internet and traditional consumption, young people it is important to users. To this end, many businesses will target market aimed at young people, how to understand, they put themselves in dialogue with them to connect with them. Result is the enterprise with his young gene, recruiting young people to increase vitality.

in addition to the enterprise, the author come into contact with a lot of investors choosing project began to favor young entrepreneurs. Side when recruiting new staff also like some entrepreneurs just work for a year or two, or fresh graduates, because their thinking and has not been solidified, has yet to enter the monumental exploits phase at the same time, has not been social grinding to edges and corners.

horse acutely hot is not an accident. She said is not necessarily the right, but because she represents 90 entrepreneurs, but she also reflect the characteristics of many after 90, therefore receive so much attention. In fact, this is attention in society after 90 this wave of young people.

360 that a veteran is let his young Internet companies by injecting young members and the establishment of youth culture, for young people to help the company to create innovative products to get younger users. Perhaps you should also consider to let the young company, let the staff team of young, let young products. Because of your users, your company and yourself, are old.

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