Zhu jun want to lift the game box configuration, but the market was not ready

the establishment of the Shanghai free trade zone, the domestic game industry for more than ten years finally get released. A variety of domestic manufacturers to succumb to mood, combined with the domestic market characteristics, all kinds of game box launched.

huawei god god out nearly two months, combined with perfect world out of the game box TRON.

as a domestic big game, run job the9 Zhu Jun, chose cooperation with zte released video game box, FunBox.

TCL as a traditional TV makers and no small accomplishment, in the international market, of course, not to be outdone, links to the pull of various game makers pushed a T2.

plus influence is not very outstanding, a winger with perfect box, box already has so many players, not fight how line?

for a city, received shenhua, beat Liverpool Zhu Jun, was the first to stand out, early in the morning with a declaration of war! His partner also diligent, dedicated hardware made a contrast figure, majestic to do lists hardware!

hardware difference is very big, but it is a bit much, but little sense, the user didn’t give much positive reaction.

read comments, basically few users expressed support for the9 reality, excitement. Most people more expressed “useless”, “to his number?” “Can play XXX I will buy”, as MAO will appear this kind of circumstance.

of course, some people would say the9 water army didn’t get done ahead of schedule, this may also be a big reason, but definitely not the root cause.

domestic game market immature

of long-term policy barriers, the domestic game market game culture cannot be well developed, don’t like foreign brand version of the production line, all kinds of professional equipment promotion so deeply.

domestic users not intuitive product awareness, TV box was sold on the basis of the game, for most users don’t have much appeal.

heavy gamers are not small white

of course, there are severe domestic game players, in front of China’s large user base, this group is to be reckoned with. But what are the major players?

heavy player is not a small white, don’t you say back to their own will put these parameters easily. Their heart is very understand, is the most important is not hardware configuration, but you ever he wants to be on the platform of the game!

so would appear “XXX I will buy” to play such a reply.

product positioning dislocation

zhu jun said hardware configuration is clearly aimed at small white users, and a small white users apparently do not care about a game box, can free to play mobile phone, computer, why spend the money?

but it is a heart to build a game ecological TV box. Nature or TV box, the main function or TV function, but highlight the function of the game.

if you want to attract small white users, only said that my high configuration, film and television resources widely, there are all kinds of professional large-scale games.

and want to face severe game players, only said I this have what what game, with which the game developer cooperation and so on.

the game market is very good, but the domestic game market or need a education period, want to get a user, the first level to user demand, not all is lost.