Zip Phone, provide you “easy” free call service

a company called Zip Phone is trying to make the security of the Internet calling more simple, in order to save consumers use finite cellular airtime, they launched the smart Phone voice plan, wi-fi networks to support conventional voice calls. This is in the countries or regions except North America common problem. Because they do not have unlimited talk time of meal. So that consumers can benefit from the Zip the free Phone call function, for example when they travel Zip Phone can help them save a lot of mobile roaming when the call charges.

however, the concern is the plan after launch, how to put the technology itself deeply integrated into the Android operating system.

the founder of Zip Phone Anuj Jain describes, the user wanted to bring the convenience of using Zip Phone call function, only need to install a Zip Phone application, then you no longer need to see or click on the application itself. Yes, this is another form of the application of “invisible”, that is to say after the application is installed, program will run automatically in the background, will start automatically when the user need.

Jain is an entrepreneur from India, had been in charge of the J2ME mobile Phone game automated trading platform and other things, Jain for Zip Phone put forward a problems needed to resolve. That is when the user go to work in the basement or a mobile cellular signal has a very bad place, Zip Phone should be how to work it.

he want is not just a simple via wi-fi network applications, can be called and is based on the feature will probably want to develop more new things, but must have to connect seamlessly with Android operating system.

he also explained: “now, there are dozens of VoIP Internet telephony applications on the market, like Skype, Viber and LINE has a lot of, but the LINE is the biggest one. How to make the Zip Phone in these applications more convenient way to stand out from the crowd only let Zip Phone better.”

now the Internet voice calls of other similar applications, if you want to dial to someone, the first thing you need to run the application, then log in and see what people online, the finalized later by applying a dial need to dial out.

Jain says: Internet voice calls don’t bother, using Zip Phone you only need to in your mobile Phone to install applications once, only once. My rule is that you only need to install our application, when you use could be normal dial-up calls without other redundant operations.

of course, technically, after when you install the Zip Phone you also need to open the app once, let the application into the background, then, you what all need not tube, Zip Phone will help you handle all the need to deal with things. Jain’s idea is to make the Zip Phone deep integration in the Android operating system, and become a part of the system, and then become a default on the Phone you need to call the procedure. Application will be automatically detected when your mobile phone access wi-fi started its search process, when it detects other users also installed the same application of time began to take over standard dial Android applications. Software on the phone can use the wi-fi network, also, when need no wi-fi networks can also use the cellular signal dial-up calls. So, it does not require users to make a phone call and around looking for wi-fi signal.

in addition, Jain also mentioned that the Zip Phone also provides more security requirements. Applications use a variety of hybrid encryption method calls for encryption, such as RSA and 256 – bit AES encryption. So no one, including the Zip Phone company to call content itself cannot be tapped. For every one to speak, Zip Phone for it to generate a new key permanently stored on the server or your mobile Phone, let you call thoroughly the key safety performance cannot be eavesdropping.

privacy is the primary task of the company, he also added that Zip Phone does not store any type of call records or require any other information in addition to your Phone number, this is the most basic to the software operation needs. Because if you don’t collect your telephone number, other users can’t dial your number to call.

the iOS release, but provides another new experience

although Zip Phone on Android can provide the best experience, where it can be drilling in the operating system to provide a complete solution. But due to operating characteristics of iOS, Zip Phone company has launched a more traditional products. And other products, if you want to use dial-up software, you will have to run the first degree, then dial within the application. This experience makes the iOS version of the Zip and Phone fell into the vast sea of Internet telephony applications.

Jain refused to disclose the Zip now Phone exactly how many users, but Google Play app store display is 10000 to 50000 users to install the app. But founder said after join Y Combinator, they rebuilt the application, use the new design and new name (previously called Awaaz), the installation of the application of volume doubled in June.

Jain is the only, the founder of the company in the company to create hasn’t raised YC investment outside capital, the company only two people.