Zte can borrow a webcam to smart home market?

the past WWDC, Apple released the HomeKit. Intelligent household item support HomeKit, IOS users can through the HomeKit platform combined with Siri to the family has control of the equipment, the future HomeKit App might also open to a third party. Apple’s abacus is through standardization agreement, into smart home market, occupied the commanding heights. As for the apple’s old rival Google, still open as its characteristic and core strengths. And $3.2 billion for the Nest, said Google is no longer content to do a system software in ecology, and on the combination of hard and soft, item + platform, Android and smaller companies build a user base will be the foundation of Google Home empire. Intelligent household concept has a long history, but in a period for a long time and the critical point of growth, the reason on the one hand, because the market consumption idea has not yet formed, has not yet been cultivating consumer habits, on the other hand is a lot of rhetorical function, not to consumers’ pain points. But with the development of the Internet of things and the technical innovation and reduce costs, the mature of the App development technology and user’s phone habit has, intelligence changes household to meet finally coming to a new growth point. At that time each big giant IT is flexing its muscles, conquers the highest position in a wave of science and technology.

smoke blows, the individual how to layout?

in the major international giant busily occupied the commanding heights of the smart home, at the same time, domestic IT enterprises also not idle, are looking for their own intelligent household, but are mostly concentrated in the router, and smart TV box to carry on the fight in these three areas, such as millet intelligent routing and depending on the smart TV. As a domestic traditional IT giant zte recently by intelligent care cameras way of doing this small the blue ocean of smart home market into the market. Smart camera is to monitor security concept to bring home users of smart home products. Previous camera system, trapped within the bandwidth, video compression technology and the manufacturing cost, trapped in lack of mobile communication terminal platform, only through a PC, terminal display view, practical limitations. But with the popularity of smart phones, smart cameras have seamless mobile communications terminal, realized by mobile phone APP to check the control of the intelligent transformation of cameras.

zte’s Jones

smart cameras and smart routers, smart TV, it is a niche product, is a blank in domestic consumer market. Zte into smart camera field, it is with great ambitions. Zte the seemingly just care by launching a network camera to cut into the smart home market, is actually want to occupy in the consumers’ mind living care, family security, these two concepts, set up their own intelligent household brand connotation, and then continuously around the care, family security these two concepts, rich product line, dislocation competition with other IT enterprise, occupy the market segment, and then from the side into the core of the smart home.

is a webcam with the

zte through intelligent camera products into the intelligent household market strategy, on the one hand to avoid the in intelligent routing and smart TV play hardball with those of other manufacturers accurate cut a niche market, at the same time to explore the user’s weaknesses, to meet customer demand, formed its own competitive advantage. For broad consumer, user, however, more products, like mobile phones, TV, routing, and the camera is not the standard of household originally, so smart camera just need to market, the market is not a audience is small, and a few hundred yuan price is not low, customer acceptance and recognition of the degree is still unknown. Care while at the same time zte in new network camera “small xing look at” slogan, efforts to strengthen the supervision function, weakening monitoring concept, let warm caring positioning dilute consumer privacy concerns, constantly stressed – we are care, rather than the monitoring, but the source of cameras, after all, is a kind of monitoring requirements of its traditional position generally exists in the public areas, the purpose is to monitor safety, eliminate risk, it is also very few people will take the initiative to install cameras in the home in the life. So products can poke in the consumer’s pain points on the function, can on marketing to establish proper usage scenarios in the consumers’ mind, these two points will directly affect the zte can successfully complete this niche by intelligent network camera into the smart home market plan, and it all remains to be time to test.

the future of the smart home

the author thinks that the so-called smart home products, actually does not necessarily have to have a complex system, may not necessarily intelligent interactive, more important is to integrate resources, let users enjoy the technology bring in comfort and contentment of wonderful, embarks from the customer needs the intelligent development direction of improvement of smart home is its real. At the same time, intelligent household in the era of mobile Internet, with the continuous strong function of smart phones, has brought a lot of kinds of possibility, the future will have more products to introduce technology and Internet technology. Used products around us, may be hidden with the potential of intelligence, empty sea, tolerance is a great, intelligent household the trillion-dollar market will inevitably born new giant, so future stage of smart home not only belongs to the giant IT now, home appliance giant, and Internet giant, entrepreneurial enterprises still have a broad space for development, struggle is unknown.