【 bus] guo column is “best” the interviewer prophecy “has a good prospect of potential”

as a teacher, the most proud of is to cultivate a good student, as an interviewer, the most proud of is to find a good talent. It is often said that the gold will shine, tencent before SEVP Liu Chengmin also once said “bosom just like pregnant, sooner or later be seen”. “After 90” entrepreneurial reds, list for the first half of 2014 solo penguin entrepreneurship prominent “guo column, after the solo, with a face of proven, use experience proved his classic sayings: every low-achieving students is potential shares.

guo column description

RTX name: erickguo (guo)
Placed in the first half of 2014 solo penguin entrepreneurship prominent “reason:” red “in the face of obtain ten million yuan investment A round
Gender: male
Age: 1989
Graduate school: huazhong university of science and technology undergraduate course
Solo time: 2013
Solo department: ECC tencent electricity holding company/virtual electricity service department
Solo work direction: product
Current position: CEO
At present, the company’s brief introduction: MYOTee face of production application is a cartoon image, let users can spell funny cartoon image, etc.

who first discovered the “guo”?

on July 19, tencent products listed according to guo home salon: 90 entrepreneurs in the special share a view, he is described as follows: “into the tencent is difficult, to conquer, tencent recruit interns, I didn’t, I also went to” face “in the two rounds, tencent did not to me. I want to, or go to the school introduced the practice, then think about or forget it, I decided to go home and watch some of the book on the Internet, teach yourself. I am the only one who failed to find an internship in the class, I’m worried about my mother, said internship can’t find the child.”

“I had a lonely summer. In September and October, tencent again, written examination and it didn’t, I haven’t write the name, then I will go to the “bully”, go to the interviewer’s room, the interviewer is very good, he’s not much of a thought I should then the surface of the High, found a little surprise, it successfully entered the tencent.”

“the innovation works usually come to school brainwashed, said the mobile Internet is very good, in 2010 when the mobile Internet is really good, then’d into tencent to mobile Internet. But tencent’s interview is you go to which room, who is the interviewer, followed him later. I was looking for the interviewer is doing e-commerce, now they are in WeChat pay over there, there is also a part of the jingdong over there, I will follow the interviewer walked off.”

at the time IT was involved in the school for the interview some students recall, in the middle of October, 2010, is located in wuchang IT industry street LuoJiaShan international hotel, there are some students in the “bully”, but no one pay attention to him, gave him “green light”, took part in the interview. Then, guo passed the first column, the interviewer T evaluation of guo column is like this: “good logical thinking, relevant test” problem to be able to answer the point, innovative thinking, the flexible, clever, mental mature, optimistic, positive and uplifting, have empathy, express clear, has the potential to good prospect, personal willingness to wireless development, and stick to it.”

look from this evaluation, the “cool” the interviewer can be become the “hottest the interviewer in the Internet industry,” because he contained guo columns, such as the written result is unqualified, discover and see a bright spot on his body, he led into tencent’s door, and based on the comprehensive quality of guo column and the direction of the interest, accurately predicted the success of guo column direction: wireless products.

then, guo column through the interviewer D second-round exam, guo column seems to be the interviewer D in wuhan university employ one of the nine product manager for interview, although his interview evaluation is not S (good), but has opened the door to tencent. Interviewer D interview evaluation goes like this: “show LBS project planning, more thoughts, input degree good, clear, positive and uplifting, attention to detail”.

note: the interviewer T with tencent as a director at present, the interviewer D at tencent SEVP (senior executive vice President)

guo on tencent electricity “sometimes want to cry?

on July 19, tencent products listed according to guo home salon: 90 entrepreneurs in the special share a view, he is described as follows: “at that time, I’m into the dreams of the tencent is, should be like this now, holding a microphone to introduce my products. But tencent, 20000 people, you are just one of them. Do you have a lot of things to learn, the more things is assigned to you, this time will have a problem. When watching “one piece”, watch will cry, you say children watch cartoons will cry, so big man also will cry, but every time is very yearning. A group of partners do what you love, and do something different.”

“reflection” tencent?

according to information released tencent product family activities look: on July 19th, activity, speech five guests, guo has a special identity: tencent’s former employees, guo column to tencent, the story of how to better let into after 90, let them ideas of creative display space can be achieved. Tencent products such activities is a start, but apparently did not go far enough. Tencent and even the whole world must constantly remind ourselves that a new era has come, to learn from entrepreneurs after 90, a better understanding of after 90, 00.

guo reflection, summary and sublimation of

watch guo home on July 19, tencent products share on the salon, can feel more than a year of working, make him for products, and for humanity, for success is to do a deep reflection and summary, sublimated into classical thought. Obviously, these are to remain in the tencent impossible. He on the share of “refinement” is as follows:

the first point: I finally found, in fact, like is a group of people to do something unusual or meaningful things. I like this process, this is my hobby.

the second point: in the process of dream come true, what do you think should be a point to this place, you from tencent’s departure, and then straight towards your dream. But it is not like this, the entire path should be like this: you find yourself without any change, you leave, you’ll fall off the dogs eat international, the whereabouts of there will be a long process, this process is a very painful, is also one of the best growth process, so be sure not to give up in the process of your ideal. Because there will be a time and give you a connection, like this will be a curve to achieve your dreams.

I think hard is not to say that your own success, with humility, said, there is no luck, something that is actually more difficult is that you are in the majority of people don’t believe you, you a person’s time, you can still clinging to do this thing, this is the hardest.

the last point: I think it was the best thing in the world, is the one you can be with your friend what you loved, and then realize my dream one after another, this process will make you feel very happy, and then when you realize a dream, like mountain climbing, you climb to the top of the hill, mountain climbing process will be very hard, also has a lot of scenery, beside you climb to the top of the mountain is the most beautiful view you will see, after finish see later? You lead my life in the mountains? Not possible, you need to leave it at this time, you need to climb a mountain.

so actually it is a process, not as a result, we now play his face of fewer and fewer, we think it cannot let us excited, we want to do let’s excited or better playing some of the things, we put the whole entrepreneurship as a process, no matter it success or failure, we are very enjoy the process, and a group of people to do something extraordinary.

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