【 preview 】 listening to melt the $one hundred million of qing chat Internet financial

hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses. This invitation to melt 360 co-founder and CEO of qing.

recent melting completed a $360 and $60 million C round of financing, led by temasek’s lanting investment, AnZhen rounds before the investor of the speed of light, sequoia and kleiner perkins China funds have to vote for. The current melts the financing amount has reached $100 million, 360. Enough to prove that this model is the capital.

the current 360 main direction is financial vertical search platform. Cooperation on the number of Banks has up to 1 m, the number of loans, credit CARDS, wealth management products in 50000, the loan business now opened the country’s 100 cities, finance and credit card business has opened more than 200 cities.

as the financial industry and Internet industry veteran, in the joint melts before 360, ye qing has in PayPal, American express and Capital One (Capital One, the nation’s fifth largest retail bank) in the market and risk management work, President of PayPal, general manager of China market. We are looking forward to qing’s excellent speech.

this share guests: melting 360 co-founder and CEO leaves qing

theme: how does the Internet financial Denver

time: August 16, at 2 PM on Saturday

location: financial street parkson shopping center CITS changan tower 10 layer camel town (subway station port B) sparkles


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limit number: 50 people (completely free)

activity agenda:

13:30 – then sign in

PM – 15:00 speaker

15:00-16:00 audience questions, answer guest

interactive tea – 17:00, free exchange

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