【 sole 】 I know Fu Cheng

cloud network hunting on May 9, special reports, like reading, eloquence good. The above information is too gossip, cut to the chase, understand I know Fu Cheng.

have ambition motivated youth

Fu Cheng impact or shock my biggest is not more than today’s bell scenery, make products more severe, but emerging aspirant spirit in him. Fu Cheng from a vocational school graduate, shandong is not very well-known in the family for a state-owned enterprises after graduation. Life is very comfortable in state-owned enterprises, he chose to come to Beijing to travel alone. Degree is low, can’t find a job, take an examination of to rise only this, living in the basement, have no money to eat instant noodles, Fu Cheng suffered a lot, and finally got a foot in IT. After entering the 360 Fu Cheng and zhou level difference a few streets, zhou as high above the “emperor”, he is a private right, but they could not prevent him email to zhou, written thousands of books, but it will expound ideas about the products and get the chance of one and a half to do 360 security guards.

maybe, suffering sharpen more established the Fu Cheng determination to succeed, and has thousands of books. But for many employees, that is afraid to think, categorically not the courage to do. He wanted to progress, did it.

focus on product is good at marketing

Fu Cheng job is to focus on product, his obsession with the story of a lot of products. Just say a few example, BBS Fu Cheng waiting for a long time in products, and become a user, often late into the night or two can see him for a product. Have a BBS user, he felt very level, I’ll catch the train to sincerity. Employees want to be able to make a perfect product, Fu Cheng never ask the source, the outside world know very little, jinshan product manager for a well-known products, once the job is a cook. DuBa installation quantity is very big, just a play can generate revenue, in order not to annoy users, can play window only decided to man is his own. And so on.

in addition to products, and few people know Fu Cheng is actually a very understand and be good at marketing, he was well written, very recognise the value of marketing, communication with Fu Cheng brand communication efficiency is very high. In 2012 the webmaster conferences Fu Cheng for branding andie theory is chosen as the most dry goods the best is from his own point of view. In addition, dig to 4 a company CEO Mr. Liu, spend the most expensive give cheetah browser to find the best design team, attaches great importance to the weibo, attaches great importance to public relations is the embodiment of Fu Cheng attaches great importance to the marketing. Is impressive, in order to change a description, Fu Cheng late at night I tried several times to call, modify repeatedly.

quick execution power

Fu Cheng director-general, action soon. 2012 become the focus of national attention to food security, Fu Cheng smell the market opportunity, do the application, a food safety class burst fire. The project from the project to the final product online, very short time. Colleagues review, although Fu Cheng shape very fat, also often see he cocked to the sofa in the office, but the reaction of the market, alert. Said he executive force is very strong, there is a gossip. Fu Cheng sent to me one day he wrote PPT, I found open password is required. Went to his office, he enter the password while solemnly told me, this PPT is the company’s products confidential, can’t breathe. PPT is opened, text and typography is very ugly, should be the version of a few years ago, the above written and Fu Cheng later made public product idea is the same as the share, segmentation, focus, acme. Write up is easy, it’s hard to do, but Fu Cheng did. Cheetah master clean, segmentation, focus, perfection, do the global ranking first, this is the result of executing your product idea. Further back, run at the start of golden hill network, Fu Cheng determined to cut down a lot of confused business (execution of discontent taking tough even trigger a mountain man), Fu Cheng signature – centered, how many backed up his a pole what state of mind.

eq high skilled in strategy

Fu Cheng not laojin mountain man, he is the identity of the airborne hosts jinshan network work, in order to appease the old minister, not a good drinker Fu Cheng often drunk with employees, physically, huairou policy. In addition, Fu Cheng product success through constant success, a little bit of prestige, step-by-step. There is anecdotal, Fu Cheng successfully by “who”, says Fu Cheng skilled in strategy is flatter. Can’t erase the fact is, of course, 3 q war indeed objectively saved golden hill network, then DuBa has been uninstalled. Tencent in order to contain 360, chose the QQ bundled DuBa. But later, golden hill network launched a series of products, including the browser, the layout of the mobile product line, let the giant saw the rise of a small 360 giant, at this time have to re-examine jinshan network, this is not just a pawn. Golden hill network in jagged complex competition situation, became a giant scrambling to woo beacon.

kingsoft Internet browser, just no one, all think that the market is saturated. But don’t do the browser, the giant appeal will be greatly reduced, in less than a few years time, hard to do these things, do bureau, is Fu Cheng.

Fu Cheng said a word, and want to be giant, the premise is you have a big use value. Chew through it.

about Fu Cheng fragments still has a lot of, because of the length to the first. Fu Cheng he certainly is not the man of god, of course, he also has shortcomings, such as easily excited, sometimes emotional, a little emotional, cronyism. Table later.

cheetah mobile listed in, in bad environment, it is a very good result, but I noticed a detail, the microblog congratulations Fu Cheng industry bosses is not much, there may be many factors of river’s lake stumbles, inconvenient public congratulations. But the discussion of the Fu Cheng prick silk counter attack will never stop. As I’ve ever seen a industry executives, whether private exchanges or public statements, to Fu Cheng is cynicism. (as far as I know, Fu Cheng didn’t and the executives have what holiday.) Alas, this river’s lake.

remember once attended, sit in the BMW Fu Cheng chatting, careless saying hard work is the most important. Contrast, run away if Fu Cheng out 360, 360 reward his stock worth hundreds of millions of yuan, 360 listed, Fu Cheng sorry for many people, but at the moment Fu Cheng have 2.3 billion dollars worth?

he once admitted, when he and Xu Ming coffee shop began to business, have never thought today. All in all, Fu Chengting actually, in a word, the youth without regret.