100 million the company users, each user advertising cost is less than 6 cents

the company, the Chinese version of application is also called the “impression of notes”, recently announced that the application of total number of users has breakthrough 100 million mark (101 million). In addition, the company also said that a large user groups, mainly from the user’s direct download and referrals. They are used for advertising costs, split less than $0.01 on each user.

the company is a multifunctional class notes applications, was released in 2008. Since then, the company in China, the application of the consistent high praise. Since the launch, the company is committed to innovation of old, inefficient notes office applications, and hope that their products can be closely linked with the user’s life.

according to the company, according to data released its 100 million members in more than 35% from the Asia Pacific region.

it is worth noting that the company points out of 100 million users, more than 88% of users is to directly download the search company myself. And the other 12% of users rely on word-of-mouth between users. The company proudly points out, myself for advertising promotion costs low.

after the company’s CEO Phil Libin (Phil Libin) claims that the listed company plans in the next 2-3 years.

as OneNote cross-platform strategy, such as the company is under strong competition.

at the same time, in the way of the pursuit of functional diversification, the company has also been some users accused become bloated. Even by independent function resolution means, now the company also let a person feel the complicated in operation. How to deal with the balanced function diversification and focus, is a very important problem.